Lifelong Learning – Auditing a Class at Oberlin College

Retirement living in Oberlin is especially wonderful because of the many opportunities available at Oberlin College and the Conservatory of Music. Any Oberlin city resident over the age of 65 can audit classes at the college, with the professor’s permission. Kendal residents enjoy this opportunity often. Kendalite Marie E. writes about her experience in the classroom.

I’m sitting in a second floor classroom at Oberlin College Conservatory.There are hexagonal windows on two sides. The trees are turning in Tappan Square. The new jazz building gleams.

I’m listening to Ravel’s string quartet, played by a Japanese quartet (one of five versions we’ve heard). I’m drinking in the sound. Gorgeous. The score is on an Ipad I’ve been provided.

In groups, students are debating the first movement’s homage to sonata form, singing, humming, engaged. They are accomplished musicians.

I signed up for this class, in part, because I haven’t enjoyed Ravel much in the past; because I wanted to revive some of my ancient music knowledge (I have a music degree, but I discovered that music theorists now use a completely different language from the one I learned!); and because, psychologically, by attending free classes, I recoup some of the tuition cost I paid for my son to attend Oberlin College!

But I attend mostly because every class I have audited has been taught by a wonderful professor (ours in this class just presented a paper on Ravel in Rome!). And the students are so alive. So bright! They are here to learn.

This free class at the College is one of the many benefits I receive from living at Kendal, which has more than 80 interest groups itself. The College course catalog is replete with courses. What riches!