With Gratitude

This article by CEO Barbara Thomas was published in the November issue of Kendal Northern Ohio’s staff newsletter, Ripples in the Pond. It’s a good story to share as Thanksgiving approaches, reflecting on a family’s thoughts of Kendal after their mother’s passing.

Each year we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. While it may appear to be about the time away, or special traditions and reunion with loved ones, it’s more about taking notice of the blessings in our life and giving thanks. At least monthly, I get a “Thanksgiving” card that expresses the  genuine appreciation of families who have had a mom or dad recently die at Kendal. They take such care and attention in expressing their heartfelt gratitiude. Very often someone writes that they are afraid to start mentioning names because SO MANY have touched their parent’s heart while at Kendal. Here are some of the comments taken from Jenifer’s and Paul’s letter that I received today about their mom,  Anne. I’ve taken the liberty to adjust it a bit, capturing its essence in the limited space.

Everyone we’ve ever met at Kendal, including nursing, maintenance, housekeeping, office staff, wait staff, landscaping and more, always looked us in the eye, smiled and said hello. This is the ambiance of “home.” We wish we could thank each and every person for contributing to our mom’s happiness at Kendal. She spoke so highly of Kendal as a whole. As she struggled with controlling her suspicions that increased with her failing mind, staff responded with genuine caring and concern in reassurance. You all worked hard to provide her with 11 comfortable and happy years. Each and every one of you contribute to a wonderful place that is as much as home as it could possibly be.

Jenifer and Paul concluded that while we all carry worries every day, push them aside and rest easy knowing how each of you contribute to this wonderful place called Kendal in your own unique way.

Happy Thanksgiving with sincere gratitude and appreciation for all you do through the year to serve our residents and their changing needs.