Volunteering is a Satisfying Experience

So many programs and activities at Kendal at Oberlin are driven by the 87 (or so) committees of the Kendal at Oberlin Residents Association. Kendalite Marie E. writes about her experience as a volunteer for the resident resale, or RAF shop.

I volunteer in the Resident Assistant Fund (“RAF”) Shop at Kendal at Oberlin. It is one of 80 plus groups there.

The Shop receives clothes, furniture, household items, jewelry and cars from residents who move from a larger space to a smaller, and from the families of deceased residents.

My job is to put together “outfits” on the walls. While we put in many hours on RAF work, there are paybacks. I get pleasure “playing” with clothes (it’s like being a child again). Sometimes my grandaughter helps. I get positive comments from residents.

Recently, we received a tiny brown tweed suit, made in Romania – conservative, well made, unique. It was very cute, but not the style or size of most of our residents. It was displayed in various locations. No-one bought it!

One day, on my way to volunteer at RAF, I passed a lovely young woman. She was clutching the suit. I stopped. We discussed her purchase. She was SO happy with it!

I didn’t know her. She said she’d been an intern at Kendal in the past, and had returned to visit residents she knew then.

That this beautiful young woman was delighted with the little brown suit made my efforts even more satisfying.

Editor’s note: Many Kendal residents volunteer with both the RAF resale shop and the Cardinal gift shop. Proceeds from both benefit the KaO Residents Assistance Fund (hence, RAF) which provides help for residents that may outlive their financial resources.