From Ping-Pong to Table Tennis

This article, appeared in our recent issue of The Reed, Kendal at Oberlin’s newsletter. There wasn’t room in the newsletter to include all of the photos. They are attached here as a slideshow. This is a great way to mix fun, fitness and camaraderie!

Years ago, Kendal resident Connie B. began playing ping pong with her brother in the basement of their childhood home. Thanks to fellow Kendal resident Sidney R., Connie now enjoys the fitness benefits of playing table tennis — as this Olympic sport is officially called.

When Sidney moved to Kendal in 2007, knowing the sport’s many health benefits, he began teaching a growing number of residents its basic techniques.

What began as a small circle, with some low-grade paddles and balls and a rickety table in a confined space, has now grown into a core group of some 14 enthusiasts. They play three times weekly on three high quality tables (with modern paddles and dozens of balls), and with help from a cadre of dedicated teachers, they, too, Kendal residents.

Participants say that table tennis has improved their mental focus, increased their energy level, widened their social circle, and in general, made them feel younger. And all of the players declare it’s just plain fun. Marcia D., new resident and now regular table tennis player, says “It’s so much fun. Sometimes I’m giggling so hard, I can hardly hit the ball.”

 The group invites all to join the healthy fun—as players or watchers.