What surprises you about Kendal?

Cathryn at the piano

Cathryn at the piano

Kendal’s Newcomer and Friendship committee hosts a periodic reception for new residents of the Kendal at Oberlin community. CEO Barbara Thomas says a few words of welcome, as does the chair of the the Kendal at Oberlin Residents Assocation (KORA). Each new resident is then given the opportunity to say a few words about themselves. At the newcomers dinner that followed, new residents were also asked to share what surprised them about Kendal once they lived here. Here are their answers:

  • Quality relationships between town, gown and Kendal.
  • We visited First Church as a visitor and came back upon move-in to find our same name tags welcoming us back.
  • Relationships between staff and residents.
  • Clay soil… Such a disappointment to gardeners.
  • Easy to get to know one another…. A great dinner system that helps this.
  • Variety of interesting people in all fields…. All the varied jobs people have held.
  • Staff listen to us and anticipate our needs and are ready to help.
  • Longevity of staff really has made a difference in what Kendal has created.
  • How good the food is.
  • Size and views of the new cottages.
  • The number of geese.
  • A Memorial book in the library remembering those who have come before us.
  • Quality of music after dinner and just a few steps away.
  • Serving on the AV committee gives me new toys.
  • Fascinating changing art exhibits.
  • Quality of people and wonderful things they’ve done with their lives.
  • Wildlife.
  • Pleasure to see how Kendal plans ahead and how it does it as a whole system not just a singular Kendal.
  • Financial management…assuring we’ll be here long into the future.
  • Surprise at giving up cooking.
  • 10 wild turkeys who walked by my cottage last fall. And we’re vegetarians!
  • The openness to change. We have seen it over the visits we’ve made. It’s wonderful.
  • Beautiful REAL flower arrangements to greet us.
  • The way this community comes together for Memorial Services….each is unique to the person and celebrates their life.

It’s great to hear what stands out about Kendal in peoples’ minds. There are so many things that make our commuity special. We’ll have to work on that clay.

Kendal at Oberlin CEO Barbara Thomas recorded and shared these comments from residents.