Kendal Residents Keep on Plugging

Publicity Plug members are ready to capture the next story.

At the most recent Oberlin Board of Education Meeting, the Publicity Plugs for Oberlin Schools program was recognized by Board President, Barry Richard and Oberlin Schools Superintendent, John Schroth.  The recognition went to Kendal at Oberlin residents, who are members of the Publicity Plugs, and who tirelessly support the schools by telling the good stories about this highly regarded school district through the written word and photographs.  The efforts of this group have produced 200+ published stories during the past seven years. These Kendal residents demonstrate the true spirit of engagement in the greater community.

In 2006 Kendal at Oberlin was recognized by AOPHA (now known as LeadingAge Ohio) for its innovative program, Publicity Plugs for Oberlin Schools, with their Social Commitment Award.  LeadingAge Ohio, the advocate for not-for-profit services for Older Ohioans, is a statewide organization representing nearly 300 not-for-profit homes, health-related facilities and community services for the aging.

In January 2009 members of the Publicity Plugs were named Oberlinians of the Year by the Oberlin News-Tribune.  This honor usually goes to an individual, who has made a positive impact on the community, but the group was chosen because its positive impact was the result of sharing the positive impact of others.

Following recognition from the News-Tribune in January, the group received national recognition in November 2009 from the American Association of Housing and Services for the Aging (the name has since been changed to LeadingAge).  LeadingAge offers a strong voice of advocacy for the 6,000

Dedicated members of Publicity Plugs for Oberlin Schools

nonprofit organizations that make up the community. The work of this nonprofit organization is focused on advocacy, leadership development, and applied research and promotion of effective services, in an effort to transform how the aging population is served.  The Public Trust Award was presented to members of Publicity Plugs at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Through the Publicity Plugs for Oberlin Schools program, Kendal at Oberlin has put a positive and realistic face on aging, by an organization that is already known for its excellence in services to older adults.