Back to School – Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at Kendal at OberlinIt’s early September, and students everywhere are returning to the classrooom. Of course this includes a number of older adults, and many residents of Kendal at Oberlin. Resident Virginia E. writes about Kendal’s connection to the Lifelong Learning program of Lorain County Community College. This article appeared in the August issue of The Kendalight.

LifeLong Learning has a variety of interesting classes planned for fall which will be announced in the September Kendalight. This is the 19th year that adult education classes have been offered in Oberlin and at Kendal.

The Kendal LifeLong Learning Committee is part of Lorain County Community College’s The Center for Lifelong Learning. The Committee functions autonomously in selecting topics and presenters, but follows the college guidelines for registration, fees and course end evaluation. The college pays the presenters, covers the cost of class materials and other administrative tasks. It advertises classes in a brochure distributed countywide and brings nonresidents to classes held at Kendal.

We are fortunate to have two outstanding colleges in Lorain County: Oberlin College and Lorain County Community College. With assistance from Elderhostel Institute Network, both colleges sponsored our predecessor, Living and Learning Institute, established by Kendal resident Marian Baum soon after the opening of Kendal. In 2000 Living and Learning Institute merged with LCCC’s lifelong learning group and under the sponsorship of LCCC, and affiliation with Oberlin College, became The Center for LifeLong Learning.

Classes take place in Kendal's Heiser Auditorium

The Heiser Auditorium at Kendal is the site of Lifelong Learning classes.

Our community college is the top rated such college in the state by reputation and by the College Bound Network. It is among the top 120 (10%) such colleges in the nation as rated by the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC whch seeks to promote excellence in community colleges and awards monetary grants. No other Ohio community college is so rated.

LCCC offers bachelor degrees in some specific areas through the University Partnership Program with several Ohio public colleges and universities. Tuition is one quarter that of Ohio public four-year institutions.

The granting of a a charter to LCCC in 1963 is a result of many individuals and groups in Lorain County who lobbied the Ohio General Assembly. Among those groups were the Oberlin League of Women Voters with a number of current Kendal residents active at that time.

LCCC, which opened at its present location in 1966, was the first community college in the state to have a permanent campus. Kendal’s LifeLong Learning Committee is privileged to be associated with LCCC with additional support from Oberlin College. More than 20 Kendal at Oberlin residents are on the Committee, which includes News & Views. They welcome suggestions, presenters and attendees for their adult education classes. – Virginia E.

For complete course offerings of LCCC’s Lifelong Learning program, including those offered at Kendal at Oberlin, go to