Kendal and your Retired Dog

Are you retired but your dog is not? Talk to her! Tell her what she is missing. You and he both need more open space, more walking paths and more interesting environments. How about you? Are you contemplating a move but concerned about your dog? Not to worry!  Kendal at Oberlin is located on more than 100 acres with 9 ponds, teeming wild life and walking paths and can be the answer for you both.

We do have to keep our pets on a leash but it can be a long one. They are in the seventh heaven of dogdom on the Kendal at Oberlin campus. Three vets and a boarding kennel are two hundred yards away. The town of Oberlin welcomes the well-behaved dog and even mounts a dog “fair” on the public commons each fall. One pizzaria in our town center not only welcomes dogs to its patio but donates part of its revenue one day a week to the humane society!

Don’t have a dog but considering one?  Our local shelter, “Oasis” is known for its eager population and for its willingness to scan local pounds for the age, size, and breed (Usually breeds!) of your choice. All in all, Dachshund or Doberman, Sheltie or shiatsu, you can settle into Kendal at Oberlin with Fido or Freda. Put a dog bed in the sun room. Counting the passing deer is great fun.  And you? You can enjoy the companionship and comradeship of your dog also happy in retirement!