Jazz Music is Popular at Kendal Too

Len clarinetCay shares a story she wrote about one of her favorite things at Kendal. She and many other residents gather weekly to listen to jazz music. The Jazz Listening Group is one of many opportunities to enjoy shared interests and time with friends. Oberlin is well-known for jazz studies, as well as classical music.

There is one hour of the week that is my favorite. Can you guess which one it is? I have to be up and dressed to go to this meeting. I do not have to take anything to the meeting. I have to walk to the Whittier Lounge, sit down and be quiet.

There are about a dozen people gathered in the room where one man seems to be in charge. There are as many women as men in the group. It is interracial and all seem to be listening. What are they listening to? A couple of the men seem to be having an argument and they both want their point of view heard. What seems to be confusion clears up suddenly when some music begins. Everyone is quiet to listen. I enjoy watching some in the group tap their feet to the rhythm, nod their heads or clap their hands.

Perhaps now you have guessed that I’m talking about the Jazz Listening Group! For an hour each Tuesday morning, I enjoy being part of this group. It varies from week to week and sometimes the leader will change. Everyone in the room knows someone in a dance band. One of the men has played clarinet in a band that I heard play once here at Kendal. Others have a favorite horn player or vocalist that they have a special reason for remembering. You may like Glen Miller or Dave Brubeck. My favorite is Johnny Hodges.

Now is the time for me to sign off and turn on the radio for some more good music. I hope you have had fun guessing with me.