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Want to Stay in Your Own Home? Come to Kendal at Oberlin


, changes in health, and eventually, long term care. Full service retirement living communities, like Kendal at Oberlin, can offer the vibrant independent lifestyle you seek now, with plenty of social activity and new friendships to develop. Then they also offer the ideal conditions to accommodate future

Why Should I Become a Kendal at Oberlin Priority Member?


. In 2011, both Mary and Thomas faced their own health issues. After back surgery, Mary turned to the Kendal pool for deep water walking. “The half-price membership was a cost saver,” says Mary, who continues to use the pool regularly. In addition to the health benefits, the pool has been a great way

Why Kendal Residents Cultivate a Gratitude Attitude


Published: November 7, 2017 We are thankful for health, family, friends and other blessings in our lives, but often we murmur those words to ourselves. Then come the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, and we find many opportunities and are encouraged to express our gratitude aloud. Kendal

Webinar Series: Designing Your Best Day


Your Best Day - Creating a Supportive Daily Routine”. The series is presented by Rebecca Donato, executive director of Vitalize 360, a national program developed by The Kendal Corporation and Hebrew Senior Life to engage, challenge and inspire older adults to live full, healthy, vibrant lives. Kendal

Dementia Education


Published: April 25, 2018 We are expected to live longer. Good news, yes, but aging comes with many challenges and fears, chief among them is an increased risk of developing dementia. With that in mind, here’s how one Kendal committee helps residents learn about Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dementia

You Know You’re From Kendal at Oberlin When…


Published: July 20, 2017 True or False? You know you are from Kendal when: Your calendar is crammed full of meetings, volunteer projects and other appointments. Your trash can is barely full because almost everything gets recycled. You head to the Heiser Auditorium around 7 p.m. because something

Strategies for Managing Change in Your Life


, speaker, and coach whose work revolves around the themes of leadership, change, and creativity, recently presented a webinar entitled, “Personal Strategies for Navigating Changing Times.” Here are 4 takeaways from Judy’s presentation, sponsored by the Kendal Corporation.   1. A pandemic may be new

Coping with Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Published: March 16, 2020 Washing hands properly and practicing social distancing – we probably have these and other prevention tools down pat so we don’t become infected with COVID-19.  But tips to stay mentally healthy in the face of this pandemic – well maybe our toolbox needs more tools

Wellness Programs at Kendal at Oberlin


for walking and biking and two clay tennis courts. Vitalize 360, an innovative holistic wellness coaching program available to all residents. Yes, it’s obvious Kendal at Oberlin values high-quality wellness programs, provided at no additional charge for its residents. What is Vitalize 360? Wellness