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Visitor Guidelines: Family and Friends

Kendal At Oberlin Notice to All Visitors: Effective 6/27/2021


All visitors are asked to wear a mask anywhere on our campus until in a resident’s cottage, apartment or room and given permission for removal, if vaccinated. In addition, maintain a safe physical distance (6 feet) in shared spaces of our campus. An important note: If you are traveling from a COVID-19 “hot spot,” you may be asked to postpone your visit.

To check on the status of the area you are traveling from: National map – from

It continues to be our goal is to keep our community safe from the virus, and to maintain the health and well-being of all residents and staff. Thank you for your partnership in making the safety of our community a priority.

Please note: Because CDC guidelines discourage the use of masks for children under the age of two, all visitors to the Kendal campus, must be over the age of two years.

Indoor/Outdoor Visits to Residents of the Stephens Care Center (SCC)

Sign Up:

We continue to use “Sign-Up Genius” to let us know: 1) you are coming, 2) if you are vaccinated; and 3) what time you plan to visit. Kendal at Oberlin is happy to welcome you. Please make sure to review the instructions and print the PDF attachments on this portal.

Please complete and print this Visitor Pass and hand the form to the staff member at the Welcome Booth when you arrive on campus.

Kendal residents living in cottages or apartments may visit SCC residents, but still must pass through health screening (see below).


  • All SCC visitors must enter between 9am – Noon and between 1:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • There is no longer a limit on length of stay.
  • We are moving towards offering daily visits. Until then, visits are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sunday visits are from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • Number of Visitors: Four (4) visitors may visit at the same time (regardless of household).
  • Parking: Non-Kendal visitors will park in the Employee/Visitor Parking Lot.


  • After parking, non-Kendal visitors will enter through the Ambulance Entrance – see the Kendal campus map, also available at Sign-Up Genius)
  • Kendal resident visitors will enter the SCC through the Heiser Community Center corridor.

Health Screening:

  • All visitors will continue to be health screened prior to their visit.
  • After health screening, all visitors must wear their Accushield identity sticker. This assures everyone has been health-screened.

COVID-19 Testing:

  • Unvaccinated visitors will be required to have a rapid COVID-19 test provided by Kendal at no charge.
  • All visitors who traveled in the past 14 days will be required to have a rapid COVID-19 test provided by Kendal at no charge. 


  • All visitors must wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Visitors may take the SCC resident out of the building for a walk around campus (please use North Patterson exit/entrance).

Community Space:

  • All Kendal Community INDOOR Public/Community spaces must remain CLOSED to non-Kendal residents at this time.
  • Please go directly to the SCC resident’s room. There are still Federal restrictions on visitors in any public places.
  • End-of-Visit Sanitation: All visitors are required to sanitize high-touch areas of the room they have visited before they leave. (Supplies are provided to you at )

Special Instructions for Outside Guests:

  1. Print the Welcome Booth Pass from Sign-Up Genius – You will need to stop at the entrance and check-in with the Welcome
  2. Follow the signs to the Employee Parking/Visitor lot (indicated on map found on Sign- Up Genius).
  3. Walk to the Ambulance Entrance of the Stephens Care Center–marked as pink on the attached map.
  4. Enter Ambulance Entrance – wait for the Visitor Liaison to check you in.
  5. Visitors must check their county contagion rate prior to visitation. Go to Global Epidemics. If your county is at Level 4, you will not be able to visit.

Day Trips:

Vaccinated RCF/Assisted Living/Jameson House residents in the Stephens Care Center may leave the Kendal Campus for a Day Trip with family or friends and not have to quarantine upon their return. This type of day trip can happen any day of the week. We ask that you please hold your trip to between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. To reserve a day and time for a Day Trip, please use this Sign Up Genius for Day Trips. Instructions, map and Welcome Booth Passes are located on this main instruction page.

What might cancel in-center visitations in our Stephens Care Center with vaccinated residents?

  • A severe outbreak in Lorain County or; 
  • A Stephens Care Center residents or staff member with confirmed COVID-19.

Helpful information

If you do schedule a visit with an SCC resident, please make sure you have talked with that resident to assure they are available and expecting to see you.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for your trust and partnership throughout this pandemic.

Visiting Residents of Cottages and Apartments (Independent Living)

Family and friends of cottage or apartment residents can now visit in cottages and apartments, as well in designated outdoor locations. The outdoor visiting tents can be reserved by residents. Visitors are not yet permitted in the Heiser Community Center, auditorium, library, dining rooms or resale shop. 

Planning a Visit to a Resident Cottage or Apartment:

Step 1: Contact your friend or family member to plan a visit to Kendal. Starting July 2, Vaccinated Visitors/Guests will be screened at the front gate but no longer needing a pass. Reminder: if you are traveling from a COVID “hot spot” – RED areas on the Global Epidemics Risk Level Dashboard – you will not be able to visit. Your resident friend or family member will be asked to check this before your arrival.

Step 2: On arrival, the welcome booth attendant will ask COVID-19 screening questions and record your temperature. You will be asked to sign a log with their name, city and state, who they are visiting, and the resident unit number. Visitors may then procced to the resident cottage or apartment. There is no time limit for visits in resident cottages and apartments.

Unvaccinated guests should plan to wear a mask. This includes children over the age of 2 years. Masking inside a cottage or apartment will be at the discretion of the resident.

COVID-19 Updates

Check out the most recent updates that residents receive regarding COVID-19 procedures.