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A Kendal senior living career is more than just a job; it’s a rewarding way to grow creatively and intellectually.  An Employer of Choice, Kendal at Oberlin believes in creating a work environment that fosters our employees’ growth by providing a culture of support and teamwork.

Choose Kendal at Oberlin for Your Next Career

Our employees connect with one another and the wonderful opportunity to connect with our residents to make meaningful impacts in their lives. Are you interested in a career that makes a real difference? Explore our job opportunities for full or part-time positions and choose Kendal!

Kendal offers a Variety of Career Options

Kendal at Oberlin offers jobs in many areas where exciting careers can develop.  Nursing and Health Services, Creative Arts Therapy, Facility Services, Hospitality Services, and Administrative operations all provide opportunities for job growth in the stable environment of our Quaker values-based retirement community.  Kendal’s employee benefits include financial assistance for employees desiring to earn college degrees or to acquire new skills that will enhance their Kendal at Oberlin jobs.

Kendal at Oberlin has “Homegrown Tomatoes.”

This is Kendal at Oberlin’s internal employee development program.  Its name came from a human resource talk comparing the quality preference of tomatoes grown in one’s own garden to that of store-bought tomatoes.  Everyone prefers homegrown. Kendal delights in promoting our employees from within our community, enrolling them in our Kendal Academy to learn new or advanced job knowledge skills such as State Tested Nursing Assistant Training right here at Kendal or attending nearby Vocational School or Lorain County Community College.  This practice encourages employees to choose staying with Kendal long-term, not only because they desire our value-based culture, but also because they can build their careers and earnings as members of our community.

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College Tuition Bonus Program

Kendal at Oberlin’s Core Value of Continuous Education recognizes the practical need for educational funding after high school.

Kendal at Oberlin offers, The College Tuition Bonus Program. This program has high school students working in Kendal at Oberlin departments to make a reasonable commitment of 10 weekly working hours to receive monthly credits of $100 towards funds for college or for other post-high-school learning institutions. Maximum credits earned for each working student in one calendar year is $1,200.

Area High School Students Learn Valuable Skills Working in Dining Services

High school age servers interact regularly with residents in the dining rooms, learning the value of intergenerational relationships, as well as early workplace skills. Every year, the community celebrates the students who graduate and move on to the next steps in their career paths. Here’s to the class of 2021 for whom, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual tribute took the place of a celebratory gathering.

Senior Pictures & Quotes: Dining Services Staff Graduating from High School & College

Benefits for Kendal at Oberlin Staff

Kendal at Oberlin offers competitive pay, great benefits, and a beautiful natural setting with over 100 acres of trees (licensed arboretum), ponds, wetlands, and walkways where friendly relationships between residents and employees are established and flourish.

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Our Benefits Package

Join us and discover the benefits of working your career in our retirement community. 

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid: Vacations, Sick Days, Holidays, Personal Days 
  • Retirement Plans: Defined Benefit Plan and Defined Contribution Plan with Kendal match
  • On-site Nationally Accredited Preschool with Intergenerational Programming
  • Financial Assistance for Educational Programs with Kendal Academy and other schools
  • College Tuition Bonus Program
  • Fitness Center with Pool and Workout Equipment Room
  • On-site Bank
  • Winter Storm Days – Employees can bring their young school-aged children when schools close due to severe winter weather
  • On-site Weight Watchers Program

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