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Fine Art Sale

Kendal's Art Committee will hold a fine art sale on Friday, June 7. About five dozen pieces will be sold, with proceeds to be used by the committee for framing and hanging supplies.

Visit Kendal at Oberlin and you’ll see fine art on display throughout the Heiser Community Center.

The walls, tables, cases and other public spaces are decorated with paintings, ceramics, photographs, fiber pieces and other art work that reflect the residents’ interests, experiences and travels. In all, about 600 pieces have been donated by residents and are on display.

But the storage bins are full too, which is why Kendal’s Art Committee is holding a Fine Arts Sale on Friday, June 7th.

About five dozen pieces will be sold, with many items priced as low as a couple of dollars. Some of the artwork is faded or damaged, not suitable for public space or just needs a new home. Items for sale include a Japanese scroll, spinning whorls, a ceramic pot, watercolors, photographs and other items. The sale is also a good place to pick up inexpensive frames.

The artwork will be on display Thursday afternoon, June 6, in the Heiser Lounge. The sale on Friday runs from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., cash or check only. (The Art Committee will use the proceeds for framing and other materials to maintain the ever-changing collection.)

“It’s a wonderful position to be in, that we have received so much art that we can afford to be picky,” Mary said. “We want to make the art displays at Kendal an attractive experience for those who live here as well as for those who walk through.”

  • Sale date: Friday, June 7
  • Time: 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Heiser Lounge
  • Kendal at Oberlin – 600 Kendal Drive – Oberlin, Ohio – 44074