Artist Stephen Tomasko Exhibits in the Kendal Gallery

Opening in the Kendal Gallery on March 29th and running through May 16th is the exhibit, Delira and Excira:  a term of Irish origin meaning delighted and excited.  The photographs, graphite drawings and encaustic paintings of artist, Stephen Tomasko have done just that…they delight and excite.

Stephen Tomasko has been photographing gardens since 1989.  In 2007, as he first began to work in color and then add supplemental light to the scenes, the imagery took on a life of its own. Time after time, visitors to the studio would gravitate to the prints of the blossoms and exclaim, “It smells like flowers in here!”

Photography Captures the Beauty of Spring

With encouragement like that, he had little choice but to further focus his efforts selecting and directing the wonders of spring. The drama unfolds with the flowering trees in the starring roles, the surrounding landscape as the set. Super-charged with heightened fresh spring light and packed edge to edge with natural abundance, the frames are unapologetic blasts of beauty, mystery and sensuality.  The arrival of this show is heralded as is spring, bursting with new life and color.

The graphite drawings and encaustic paintings of young trees, bare in winter or just displaying the very first delicate buds of spring, provide a distinct counterpoint to the photographs. Bold, powerful marks create the singular forms, beautiful in their austerity and filled with a sense of unlimited possibility as they are ready to explode into their next wonderful phase as the cycle of life continues.

Tomasko’s work is held in collections nationally and internationally and has been the subject of solo gallery exhibitions for over twenty-five years. His imagery has been shown in venues ranging from Los Angeles, California, to Adelaide, Australia, to Paris, France.

An artist reception is held on Friday, April 22nd at 4:30 PM in the Heiser Lounge ~ Kendal at Oberlin ~ 600 Kendal Drive ~ Oberlin.  Public welcome.