Two Kendal at Oberlin Artists – Two Gallery Shows

At Kendal at Oberlin you will find resident artists, whose work has been a vocation, an avocation or a newfound talent.  Fortunately Kendal has three galleries, which provide space for residents and artists from the larger community.  Read further to learn about the two Kendal resident exhibits in the galleries. Both shows run into December, 2016. 

Photography by Paul Schwaegerle

Art Photography by Paul SchwaegerleIn the Friends Gallery is an exhibit by photographer, Paul Schwaegerle.  The show is titled, “Amish Farm Life in Ashland County, Ohio”, and it runs through December 12th.

For years, Paul Schwaegerle has traveled through a conservative Amish area in Ashland County.  He’s been able to photograph Amish farming techniques and lifestyles, without disrupting or interacting with these activities.

Paul became a dedicated photographer 25 years ago after a career in engineering.  He and his wife, Cate (also a photographer), combined their zeal for international travel with photography.  They have produced numerous travel programs for the Metro Parks, senior centers and various other organizations.

A Transition from Darkroom to Digital

Paul’s technical training was an advantage in the darkroom at the beginning of his avocation, and still plays an important role in coping with the technical intricacies of digital photography.  Today, the many, time-consuming lighting and chemical procedures used to manipulate photographic prints in the darkroom can be done electronically in a fraction of the time.  In addition, a host of new techniques and materials are available which allows a motivated photographer to venture into a wide range of creative artistry such as the simulated pen and ink drawings presented here in this show.

Paul explained, “In an attempt to share what we have seen in a simple, unembellished format, I developed a technique to transform a selected number of the photographs taken, into simulated pen and ink drawings.  These are printed on watercolor paper and enhanced, where needed, using actual pen and ink.  Hopefully, they will convey to the viewer a way of life that is unique in today’s mechanized world and characteristic of an earlier period in American history.”

Among the places that Paul’s photography has been exhibited include the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA) Gallery, Bay Arts Sullivan Family Gallery, Trinity Cathedral’s Gallery at Trinity and the Kendal galleries.  His work has been acknowledged in juried shows, and most recently took 3rd place for his computer art photography, “Cate’s Flowers at Breakfast”, at LeadingAge Ohio.

Paul and his wife, Cate, have called Kendal at Oberlin home for nine years.

An artist reception for Paul Schwaegerle will be held on October 20th at 3:00PM at Kendal.  The exhibit and artist reception are open to the public.

Mixed Media by Ruth Green

Weaving by Ruth GreenIn Kendal at Oberlin’s Community Gallery, is an exhibit of the works of artist Ruth Green.  The title of the show is “Evidence of Activity:  textile, collage, assemblage”, and it runs through December 8th.

The objects include weavings, collages, four-strand braids, and as Ruth describes, “a digital photo frame of ‘Chopped-up Stuff’ that I used in installations”.  Her work combines various materials through textile techniques and collage, as well as by organizing and reorganizing — always a work in progress.

Ruth shared her thoughts that, in the process, she enjoys re-evaluating her aesthetic judgments, so that what at first seems wrong begins to be acceptable.  Rather than worrying about a misstep, she tries to use change to enjoy seeing what she would otherwise not see.  Even repairs after a work is “finished” continue to add to the richness of the surface, set up a new relationship, or simplify a previous complexity.  There is always change, always more possibilities.

Ruth adds, “Conversation is part of it all.  It’s where we find out about each other.  It is where we negotiate our differences of opinion and maintain our communities.  It’s where our objects accumulate their layers of meaning.  In the conversations I have about my activities, people mention various traditions and invoke various reminiscences. They contrast and compare, indulge in flights of fancy and meditative half-thoughts…informal art criticism.  It’s a reminder that artwork never means the same thing twice.”

Interwoven Media Create Layers of Meaning

Ruth Green learned to weave in London, England.  During the 1970’s she explored traditional weaving patterns, spinning, dyeing, and textile history.  In the 1980’s Ruth returned to school at The University of Michigan School of Art where her work for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts involved fiber art, lithography, and installation.

Ruth’s work has been shown at galleries, including Albion College Gallery, Albion, Michigan; Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan; Focus Gallery, Detroit, Michigan; Tabor Hill Gallery, Ann Arbor Michigan and “performed” unannounced temporary installations in University of Michigan buildings.

Ruth Green and her husband, Tom, recently made Kendal at Oberlin their home.

An artist reception will be held on October 31st at 4:30PM at Kendal at Oberlin.  All are welcome to visit the gallery and attend the reception.