Photographer David Miraldi Exhibits at Kendal

Currently on exhibit, in the Friends Gallery at Kendal at Oberlin, are the works of photographer David Miraldi.  An artist reception is held on Tuesday, January 10th at 2:30PM at Kendal.  The show runs through February 6th.

For David Miraldi, travel photography is a broad category that allows him to go from one subject matter to the next, in essence allowing him to mix a variety of genres. As a result, David mixes photographs of landscapes, architecture, patterns, people at work and at play, children, animals, and scenes of human activity in daylight and at night.

David explains that when he has a camera in his hand, he keep an open mind as to what might make an interesting photograph. There’s an old saying that as you are preparing to take a picture, the best shot may actually be behind you. This simply means that a travel photographer needs to be able to switch gears quickly and not have a pre-conceived notion of what should be the subject of the photograph. David adds that for example, he may be composing a photo of an ancient monument, but then out of the corner of his eye, he sees a sleeping vendor or a child at play. The monument is forgotten and he puts the zoom lens into telescopic mode in an attempt to catch the person “un-posed” and natural.

Technology Allows Focus on Composition

David shares, “The technological advances over the last few decades have allowed the travel photographer to concentrate on, what I believe, is very important…composition. To me, good composition still means finding unity and balance using shapes, color and patterns. Unlike exposure and focus, composition is something that will never be automated. With the digital camera, however, the photographer can more easily allow the artistic side to proceed unimpeded by operational and technical issues.

David’s photographs bring a global sensitivity to the viewer. His lens captures ordinary everyday life in its natural form and the exquisite beauty and interesting sites, both throughout the world.

This is David Miraldi’s fourth photography exhibit in the Kendal galleries. He is an attorney, world traveler and self-taught photographer.

The Friends Gallery is located at Kendal at Oberlin ~ 600 Kendal Drive ~ Oberlin.  The gallery is open daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.