Guild of Nature Artists Exhibit at Kendal at Oberlin

Currently hanging in the Kendal Gallery is, Drawn from Nature,  an exhibit which includes works by the Guild of Nature Artists: Nancy Weymouth Halbrooks, Kati Hanimagi, Beth Kelly, Susan Morse and Christopher Owen Smith. An artists’ reception will be held on Friday, September 8th at 4:30PM in the Heiser Lounge at Kendal at Oberlin. The show runs through Sunday, October 8th.

Connection to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Susan Morse, White Hawk

Susan Morse, White Hawk in colored pencil

The Guild of Nature Artists is an Associated Society of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The group was formed in 1981 by a few museum members who wanted to share their interest in science and art. The original focus of the group was to invite guest artists to lecture and give demonstrations. They organized art shows at the museum and annually at a local college to display their own artwork.

Over the past fifteen years, the Guild of Nature Artists has continued to exhibit their work at nature centers, galleries, and the Cleveland Botanical Garden, but the overall focus of the group has shifted. The Guild has evolved into a drawing group that meets twice a month to sketch from the museum’s artifacts, dioramas, specimens, outdoor gardens, and animal exhibits.

The artwork in this exhibit is from drawings sketched at the museum, as well as in the artists’ studios. The members of the Guild work in a variety of media, from pencil, pastel, charcoal, pen, and ink to watercolor and acrylic. Their approaches vary from realism to imaginative, but the members all share a common love of the natural world.

About the Nature Artists

  • Nancy Weymouth Halbrooks is a Professor of Art and Art Program Coordinator at Lorain County Community College. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University in Bloomington and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.
  • Kati Hanimagi studied printmaking, earning her BFA at The Atlanta College of Art. She continued on to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to complete her graduate studies. The drawings exhibited here, delicate studies of the animal kingdom, are mixed media works on paper.  Kati lives and works in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
  • Beth Kelly is a quiltmaker who received her degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Beth enjoys drawing the often overlooked animals at the museum, and occasionally incorporates textile design motifs into her drawings. Beth is currently the Exhibit Project Coordinator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • Susan Morse works primarily with colored pencil and watercolor pencil.  She enjoys building up thin layers of colored pencil, applied with small precise strokes, to create a diffused and often dreamlike interpretation of nature. Susan received her degrees from Oberlin College and the Cleveland Institute of Art.
  • Christopher Owen Smith attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio from 1987 to 1989 and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia from 1990 to 1992. He spent 1993 in two Soto Zen temples in Japan and had a ceramic/sculptural apprenticeship with Kakuho Saito-san in Fukui Prefecture.