Community Updates for Week of 4/18/2022

Update to Residents 4/19/2022

COVID Booster Clinic on Friday, April 22

Our COVID Booster Clinic with Discount Drug Mart will be held on Friday, April 22 beginning at 9am. Thank you once again to the 250+ people who responded to the survey about whether or not you wish to get your COVID Booster Shot #2 here at Kendal at Oberlin. Those who have not responded to the survey can still do so. Just take the brief survey available on paper found by the mailboxes to let us know if you wish to get your booster here at Kendal versus elsewhere. Thank you!

Getting a COVID Booster Shot #2 is recommended by the CDC for all adults aged 50 and over who are at least four months since their last COVID Booster.

For those who indicated that yes, you would like to get your Booster Shot #2 here at Kendal: we are moving forward with planning.

The Booster Clinic will be Friday, April 22, 2022.

  • As was done for earlier vaccinations, you will be scheduled (requested) to come at a certain time to the Heiser Auditorium. There will be 15-minute scheduling blocks. If you can’t make the time you are scheduled for, we will adjust accordingly.
  • Please bring your vaccine card so the pharmacist can record it on your record.
  • Independent Living Residents will be scheduled from 9am-10am and from 1pm-through the late afternoon. Your specific time will be in your mailbox by the end of day tomorrow. Please inform Dale Preston if you need to adjust your assigned time and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Stephens Care Center Residents, vaccines will be provided from 10am-Noon in the SCC. SCC Residents, please wait patiently in your room and then wait until cleared by either Beth Stewart or Kim Leek.  The pharmacist will come to your room.
  • Staff, in order to meet all resident needs, we will have limited capacity to accommodate staff at Friday’s Booster Clinic. Stay tuned: we may have the ability to provide vaccinations to staff at the end of the day on Friday on a first come, first serve basis. Otherwise, we are working on a plan to accommodate more eligible staff; more info will be announced next week.

Discount Drug Mart will be our pharmacy partner.

  • They will provide the Pfizer booster.
  • A very limited supply of Moderna booster is available. If you wish to receive the Moderna booster, please contact Stacy Terrell ( to make known your wishes.
  • The Johnson & Johnson booster will not be offered as it is not a mRNA-type booster. The CDC has mandated that only mRNA boosters (i.e., Pfizer and Moderna) are appropriate as a second booster at this time.

Blood Pressure Clinic cancelled this week

 The weekly Ohio Living Blood Pressure Clinic will NOT happen on Wednesday, April 20. Everyone is welcome to join us again next Wednesday, April 27 between 10am – noon in the Outreach Office (directly across from the Health & Wellness Clinic). Come sit and chat, relax, and have your blood pressure taken.   

Fitness Center Updates

Jill Tvaroha, Wellness Coordinator

  • Fitness Center Open House – Wednesday, 4/20, 1:00-6:30pm: Come see the Pool, Equipment Room, and Fitness/Relaxation Room. Come ask questions about the spaces, pick up schedules, meet the class instructors and potential work out buddies. Fitness Staff will be available to help you find the right class, set up a fitness assessment or schedule a time to talk about a personal program. Staff and Residents who use the spaces will be available to help show you around and answer questions. Come see the beautiful Fitness Center and meet some staff and friends. There will be REFRESHMENTS, too!
  • Health Talk: Wednesday 4/20 at 7:15pm in the Auditorium. Jill Tvaroha, Wellness Coordinator, will be talking about Fitness Assessments, Personal Programs, and Balance. There will be audience participation and fun!
  • Fitness Survey – Update:  As many of you noticed, the survey did not go out on the 12th as planned. There were a couple of hitches and glitches, so look for it at the beginning of May and please plan to participate. We are counting on you, looking forward to getting to know your preferences and needs better, and can’t wait to share the findings with you at the June Fitness and Wellness talk!

Earth Day Featured on Friday

This Friday stop by the tables in Heiser Lounge between 10:30am and 2:30pm for Earth Day displays organized by the Environmental Concerns Committee:

  • Examine the range of green household products.
  • Take the quiz on what household products are truly green.
  • Enter the Great Green Sweepstakes (drawing prizes = green products like bar soaps, household cleaners, dish detergents).
  • See the L.E.D. light display.
  • Find out about the Committee’s and SSAFE’s recent work.

PS Salon Appointments

Thank you for supporting the Salon with your appointments. We are serving a large group of residents who have found it both convenient and even necessary to have services here on campus. Your patience has been extraordinary during periods of necessary adjustment when the schedule could not be fulfilled. To ensure as many residents as possible being served, please do not sign up for more than one appointment at a time. To have an unnecessary second appointment means that time is not open for service to someone else looking for an appointment.

Transportation to our new Voting Precinct on Election Day

Tuesday, May 3rd Kendal at Oberlin will provide residents seeking transportation with a ride to The Lodge of New Russia Township. We have two trips scheduled. The first trip has a departure time of 10:00 am and the second at 2:00 pm. Upon arrival the bus will wait until everyone is finished to return to Kendal. A sign-up sheet is posted by the mailboxes at Heiser. Any questions or concerns please to not hesitate to contact Ed Harder at 775-9832 or by email at

Our Severe Weather Protection Plan

Toni Merleno, Risk Manager

Kendal has a Safety Plan and Procedure that residents and staff should follow to avoid injury or worse in the event of severe weather warnings.

Here are Kendal’s storm shelter areas:

  • Heiser Community Center: Public restrooms, Auditorium, and interior corridors away from windows.
  • Apartment Building: Bathrooms (if no windows), laundry rooms, trash rooms, stairwells, and corridors away from windows. If time permits, second-floor residents should go to the lower level of the building and take shelter in the above-mentioned areas—away from windows.
  • Stephens Care Center: Public restrooms, bathing rooms, interior corridors, and resident bathrooms away from windows.
  • Cottages: Bathrooms and closets inside, away from windows.

Oberlin City’s and Kendal’s storm-warning sirens will sound only when Oberlin is in the direct path of an approaching tornadoResidents and staff should not depend upon hearing the siren to take shelter, however.  Everyone should monitor weather advisories when severe weather is anticipated. Tornados move quickly and can strike within minutes.

I highly recommend everyone purchase a battery-operated weather radio tuned to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) channel during the severe weather season for your home. When away from home, you can set up your iPhone or Smartphone to receive and alarm you for severe weather alerts. 

When severe weather is predicted, monitor your weather radios, computers, and TV weather channels to stay updated on the latest weather advisories. Now is the time to check your home’s emergency kit to assure you have flashlights loaded with fresh batteries and replacements in case of power failures due to severe thunderstorms and tornados.

Dining Update

Greg Zehe, Director of Hospitality Services & Assoc. Administrator

What is Happening to our Usual Bread Choices? 

For the past few months, we have seen increasingly sporadic quantities and types of our Artisanal bread selections available to us. At one point, we were having difficulty obtaining whole wheat bread. That situation has improved for the moment, but we are expecting worsening issues in the bread market over the next year.  According to The Washington Post, the recent Omicron surge has led to more employees calling out sick, affecting the supply chain as well as grocery stores. It’s because of labor shortages and supply-chain issues, from food manufacturers to grocery stores. There simply aren’t enough people to “make the goods, move the goods and sell the goods,” says Jim Dudlicek, a representative for the National Grocers Association. Please know that we will continue to do our best to bring as much variety as possible.

Staffing Update

This week, area schools are closed but we still have a couple of interviews planned. Next week we will resume with another job fair at Sacred Heart Chapel in Lorain.  Our thanks to Rey Carrion for helping us to make this connection!  We are looking forward to this event as an employment connection with the Lorain city community to fill our biggest need, daytime wait staff.

Easter Dinner Recap

We had a pleasing turnout of 300 residents and guests.  The day flowed smoothly!  Thank you all for your cooperation in the reservation and seating process.  The comments have been most favorable, and we plan to use a similar system to accommodate the large numbers of residents and guests expected for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Two Requests from Your Dining Room Team

First, we need your help to charge the right groups for KORA speakers’ meals. Often, we are simply told to “charge KORA” for guest meals for speakers or presenters and find that is not enough information to correctly charge the appropriate group.  Second, while staffing continues to improve, we still need as much notice as possible when you are planning catered events or special events in the dining rooms.  This will allow us enough time to develop a plan so that we can accommodate your request and help us to be prepared, thanks! 

Housekeeping/ Laundry Update

Crystal Hall, Environmental Operations Manager 


The requests for patio cleanings are still coming in and we are working on getting them scheduled as quickly as possible. However, we are experiencing a slow-down in Deep Clean requests and would like to remind everyone not to forget to get your request in so we can get you scheduled. We do appreciate as much notice as possible. These deep cleans benefit both you and your housekeeper as they allow the time necessary to do the extra cleaning tasks not included in your regular cleaning visits. Residents can schedule these as frequently as twice a year, and we highly suggest you have at least one deep clean a year.


We would like to remind residents that Laundry has a limited supply of rags available to you upon request. Occasionally we find towels, particularly hand towels, to have been used as cleaning rags and damaged to the point where we must remove them from inventory.  Naturally, we all want to avoid this additional expense if possible.

Covid News and Statistics

Governor Mike DeWine’s regular COVID Press Conferences:

12 Signs You Have a Fake N95, KN95 or KF94 Mask

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services still require that visitors to the Stephens Care Center wear a medical grade mask. This includes even those residents that are just “passing-through.” Kendal at Oberlin requires this condition be met by wearing a KN95 mask. Those masks are readily available at each Kiosk Health Screening device when entering the Stephens Care Center. Such masks can be re-used a number of times or until visibly soiled. 

Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit masks on the market today, readily available and sold on Amazon and other Internet websites. This article appeared in the New York Times (edited for brevity):

The highly contagious Omicron variant has sent us on a mad dash for more-protective masks, such as N95s, KN95s, and KF94s. And along with that comes the nagging concern over being duped by counterfeiters. At best, fake respirator masks are just a waste of money. At worst, they give those who need protection most a potentially dangerous false sense of security.

In September 2020, ECRI (a nonprofit that advises hospitals and health-care agencies on product safety) reported that 60% to 70% of KN95s it tested did not filter the 95% of particles that they promised to. Federal agencies seized a total of 21.2 million fake N95s that year, and the problem carried over well into 2021. Last May, investigators confiscated 2 million fake masks purchased and used by unsuspecting hospitals in Portland, Maine.

The best way to find legitimate masks is to buy ones made by reputable manufacturers and sold by trusted retailers. (See the guide to N95, KN95, and surgical-style masks.) But sometimes… you might be tempted by a good deal from a brand you haven’t heard of. Or maybe you have little choice but to buy whatever is on the drugstore shelf. Unfortunately, it’s tough to separate the most expertly copied masks from the genuine articles. [Here are some things to look for:]

On the packaging: It’s not tamper-evident. There’s no company or location information. There’s no expiration date. Official terminology is used incorrectly.

The company tries too hard (or not hard enough). If the packaging says “genuine,” “legitimate,” “authentic,” or “reputable,” you should view the mask with skepticism.

On the mask: There’s no branding. You notice quality-control issues. A crooked nose-bridge wire, elastics that lose their stretch or detach easily—these shouldn’t be found on any of your masks. The mask has ear loops. Legitimate N95 masks never have ear loops; instead, they have a pair of elastic bands that go around the back of the head. It’s labeled for children. There are no kid-size N95 masks.

For more info:  Additional Resource from the CDC:

Today’s Statistics

COVID STATISTICS as of4/19/2022  
VACCINATIONS# VaccinatedPopulation% of Pop
Kendal at Oberlin vaccinations 
Residents Vaccinated335335100.0%
Staff Vaccinated (some have Medical or Religious Exemption)21721999.1%
Total Residents + Staff vaccinated55255499.6%
Lorain County (Vaccinations Started)206,29766.0%
Ohio (Vaccinations Started)7,295,20862.3%
KENDAL AT OBERLIN – COVID CASES (Cumulative)4/12/2022Increase 
Independent Living Resident Cases130 
Stephens Care Center – Residential Care90 
Stephens Care Center – Skilled Nursing20 
Residents Subtotal24 
SCC Staff and Volunteer Cases671 
Other Staff Cases460 
Staff Subtotal113 
Total Residents + Staff137 
** Current Isolation, COVID Positive1 
** Total COVID Beyond Isolation134 
LORAIN COUNTY – COVID CASES (Cumulative)4/15/2022Increase 
Total in Zip Code 440741,85413 
Total Lorain County – Probable and Confirmed Cases66,649133 
Positivity Rate for Healthcare Workers (Current CMS Lorain County)2.2% 
Current CDC Lorain County Positivity Rate (measures entire population with results to ODH)4.2%
Total Lorain County903 
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings3002 
Age Range Breakdown:  20-29: 5.  30-39: 7.  40-49: 22.  50-59: 70.  60-69: 187.  70-79: 252.  80+: 360
CUYAHOGA COUNTY – COVID CASES (Cumulative)4/17/2022  
Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)188,347 
Cleveland Cases80,987 
Total Cleveland + Cuyahoga County269,334 
New Cases for Cleveland + Cuyahoga County754 
Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)2,977 
Total Cleveland + Cuyahoga County3,939 
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings965 
OHIO 4/14/2022% 
21-Day Average of New Cases3,913 
Total Cases2,681,437 
Age Range of all Cases<1-111 
Median Age of all Cases38 
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)114,4434% 
Median Age of all Hospitalized65 
21-Day Average of Hospitalizations290 
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)13,426<1% 
21-Day Average of ICU Admissions20 
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed102,5784% 
Total Tested in Ohio22,212,636 
Total Ohio Resident Deaths38,266 
Median Age of Deaths76 
21-Day Average of Deaths158 
Total Deaths in Ohio Long Term Care Settings9,033  

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811