Community Updates Week of 11/22/2021

Lorain County Positivity Rate on the Increase

The Lorain County Positivity Rate increased from 12.3% to 14.2% over this past week, the first week of November our rate was 9.0%.   Lorain County Public Health is alerting all county residents that cases of influenza are also on the rise in the county.  We are reminded that the strategies to prevent COVID such as hand washing, social distancing and masking are great preventive tools for influenza and other illnesses as well. Reminder: when you are in the Heiser corridors, you must be in mask. When our rate is lower than 5% will remove this requirement/

Recent Stephen Care Center Staff Cases

Last week we did have two additional fully vaccinated staff members from Kendal test positive for COVID.  These staff members work in remote area and do not provide hands on care in our Stephen Care Center or have routine resident contact.   These staff members are quarantining at home and will not return to work until released by Lorain County Public Health (LCPH).  Kendal at Oberlin began COVID outbreak testing as a precaution, testing all Stephens Care Center residents, Stephens Care Center staff members and other Kendal staff members that have routine contact with residents (Health and Wellness Clinic staff, Department Heads, Housekeepers, Waitstaff, Facility Services staff, Receptionists, et al) or that may have had contact with those staff members that tested positive.  Through this outbreak testing, there have been no additional positive tests discovered. Our testing and heightened surveillance will continue through December 2.

Stephens Care Center Visitation Guidelines

Visitation to the Stephens Care Center (SCC) has now resumed to 7 days a week, pre-scheduling is no longer necessary or required. 

We have been waiting a long time to reopen visitation to the SCC, so please come and enjoy your visit following the requirements below:

Following Federal and State Requirements for open visitation in the Stephens Care Center:

  1. Visitors who have a positive viral test for COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine, should not enter the Stephens Care Center.
  2. Practice frequent hand hygiene (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred) before, during and after your visit to the SCC.
  3. Enter through the Friends Gallery Hallway (next to the Health and Wellness Clinic).
  4. Use the Self-Health-Screening Kiosk just inside the second set of sliding doors. Please sign in, using your phone number. If you answer “Yes” to any  of the self-screen questions, please wait here for a staff member before entering the Stephens Care Center
  5. Choose option Guest/Visitor, even for Kendal Independent residents.
  6. Complete the Health Screen which includes a temperature check done by the AccuSheild Kiosk device.
  7. The Kiosk will provide you with a sticker to wear during your visit, indicating you have cleared the Health Screen. Please place it on prominently your shirt or blouse so that staff and residents can see it.  This is a Federal and Ohio Department of Health requirement.
    1. You only need to health screen once a day. The sticker is good for visitation throughout the day of your Health Screening.
    2. You will need to do the self-check in,  getting a new sticker, each new day of visiting.

Important SCC Visitation Reminders

  1. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) still limits where family and friends can be in the Stephens Care Center. Please go directly to your loved one’s room. We are not able host visitors in the Great Rooms or in our public areas of the SCC at this time. Visitation is only permitted in the resident’s room.
  2. You are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth during you visit to the SCC.

During this current surveillance period to COVID testing, please keep your masks on during the visit in the resident’s room and maintain physical distancing at least six feet social distance as much as possible, in accordance with CDC guidance.

  1. Please take a blue packaged sanitizing wipe, available at the Kiosk station, with you to clean the high touch surface areas when you leave the resident’s room. (Door handle, chair arms, etc.)

We have been waiting a long time to reopen visitation to the SCC, so please come and enjoy your visit!

Entry in the Stephens Care Center During Inclement Weather

We have ordered Self-Health Screen Kiosks that will be installed at the Patterson North Entrance and the Pool/Fitness Center Entrance to the Stephens Care Center that will be installed within the next three weeks.  This will allow for residents on the west side of campus to enter and exit Kendal at Oberlin through the Stephens Care Center.  The procedure will be similar to the instructions provided above on SCC Visitation.   Those entering the SCC for this purpose will need to self-health screen daily before entering.  One health screen per day will be sufficient.   The sticker received after the health screen will need to be worn at all times while in the SCC.

We look forward to announcing when these devices are installed for entry at the other entrances to the SCC.   This is a significant step to reclaiming to a founding value of our community, intentionally connecting our Independent Living residents to our Stephens Care Center residents.  This has always been vital to who we are.  Once this is in place, please take time when in the Stephens Care Center to say “hello” to your SCC friends!

P.S. Salon

Offers both a direct billing to your Kendal bill or use of a gift card service!  This new service is structured so you can put as much money on the card as you wish.  It is no longer ‘service specific’ for pricing.  We hope you find it easy to use as well.  Check it out:

With the relaxing of restrictions by CMS, Kendal will be able to host more individuals in the salon and is recruiting an additional stylist. As we can offer more services, we will need an additional stylist besides Kayla.

Prices are going up as of 1/1/22. They have not been raised in almost 5 years. New pricing is posted at the Salon with the new effective date

Upcoming Happenings

Annual Holiday Brass Music and Pottery Sale

The Empty Mugs Fund Raiser for Oberlin Community Services is Saturday, Dec. 11 1-3 pm. The Empty Mugs Fund Raiser for Oberlin Community Services is a go in an outdoor courtyard at 40 W. Lorain St (Asia House). Parking at First Church.  Anyone who makes pottery mugs and would like to donate some should contact Oberlin Community Services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michele Tarsitano-Amato.

Helping Oberlin Local Businesses

Oberlin Business Partnership has a sale on their gift certificates to be used in almost all Oberlin businesses for $5, $10, $20 and $25. Buy $50 and get an additional $5.  You can stop in at 23 E. College or buy online  ( or call OBP at 774.6262 and place your order by credit card. They will mail the certificates to you or if you choose, you may pick-up.

2022 KORA Opportunity Fair

Have you ever wondered how many KORA committees there are?  A recent count shows 16 Standing committees, 11 Service Groups, 22 Interest Groups, and 6 Support Groups, not counting numerous subcommittees, for a grand total of 55! Do you wonder what all these different committees and groups do?  And whether or not you’d like to be a part of one or two?  

Plan to attend the 2022 KORA Opportunity Fair, tentatively scheduled for late January, and meet members of these groups who will explain their activities and events.  Watch WKOA and the January Kendalight for further details. 

*Mark the Opportunity Fair on your calendar now. We’ll see you there! ~KORA Opportunity Fair Planning Committee 

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases  2
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases  
          Residential Care Facility  7
          Skilled Nursing Facility  2
KaO Residents Total 11
     KaO SCC Staff Cases  21
     KaO Other Staff Cases  27
KaO Staff Total 48
Kendal at Oberlin COVID Total 59
**Current Isolation, COVID Positive 0
**Total COVID Beyond Isolation 54
Kendal at Oberlin Vaccination Overall539 of 542 or 99.3%
Total Kendal Residents Vaccinated338 of 338 or 100%
Total Kendal Staff Vaccinated (those unvaccinated have Medical or Religious Exemption)200 of 204 or 98%

Lorain County (as posted 11/22/2021)

New Cases (since Monday, November 15, 2021 – 7-day average 185.4 per day) 1,298
Total Probable and Confirmed Lorain County Cases 39,765
Total in Zip Code 44074 (+28 since Monday, November 15, 2021) 913
Current Lorain County Positivity Rate (HIGH Transmission Rate) 14.2%
Total Deaths, age ranges 20-29 • 1; 30-39 • 4; 40-49 • 15; 50-59 • 33; 60-69 • 100; 70-79 • 164; 80+ • 253 570
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings, posted 11/3/2021, +2 255
Lorain County Vaccinations Started189,360 or 60.2% of population

Cuyahoga County (as posted 11/22/2021)

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)          111,517
Cleveland Cases 46,460
Total Cuyahoga County Cases 157,977
New Cases 4,065
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 2,746
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings, posted 11/17/2021 890

State of Ohio (as posted 11/22/2021)

New Cases in the Last 24-hours  4,370
21-day Average of New Cases 4,736
Total Cases 1,647,237
Age Range all Cases
Median Age of all Cases 39
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative) 84,319 5%
Total Hospitalizations Last 24-hours 187
21-day Average of Hospitalizations 206
Median Age of all Hospitalized 65
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative) 10,577 or 1%
Total ICU Admissions last 24-hours 24
21-day Average of ICU Admissions 20
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 80,615 5%
Total Tested in Ohio 17,898,279
Total Ohio Resident Deaths 26,063
Median Age of Deaths 78
Ohio Resident Deaths in Last 24-hours 0
21-day Average of Deaths 80
Total Deaths in Ohio Long Term Care Settings (Updated Weekly. posted 11/17/2021) 8,071
Statewide Vaccinations Started 6,692,093 or 57.3% of population

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811