Community Updates Week of 11/8/2021

We Recognize Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11

Thank you to those who have served our country. See the display on KOTV of Veterans who have served in the various branches of service.

Another Safety Reminder

 Pedestrians need to stay on sidewalks—please don’t walk in the roadways.  Vehicles rounding the curves in our perimeter roads can come upon a road walker suddenly—let’s not have injuries from such incidents please!  Be especially careful when walking in the earlier dusk hours of the evening and early predawn hours of the morning.  Do you use an assistive device to walk?  Please use the provided walkways and don’t walk in the roadways, thank you. —Toni Merleno.

A Time of Remembrance

Sunday’s Memorial is on KOTV at 3 pm. Special gratitude for the tremendous time given by families, residents and others to create this special tribute. Carol Harvey and her amazing team of artists and contributors include Mary Behm, Joyce Benjamin, Rebecca Cardozo, Rollin Conway, Judy Cook, Dennis Cook, George Cyphers, Anne Elder, Dianne Haley, Carol Longsworth, Larry Mirel, Sally Nelson-Olin, Sue Palmieri, Bruce Richards, Jean Slonneger and Barbara Thomas.

Favorable Interest in Pickleball?

Almost 25 persons indicated an interest in Pickleball. Names have been forwarded to Roy Ebihara of Oberlin. Stay tuned for opportunities at Splash Zone.

Delivery Change for the Chronicle-Telegram

If you subscribe to the Chronicle-Telegram, you should have received a letter in a recent edition explaining that, as of today, this newspaper will be delivered by our US Mail carrier Monday – Saturday. On Sunday, the paper will be delivered by Chronicle personnel. This is due to a staff shortage. As you know, the mail can arrive at varying times. We are sorry that you will be receiving this paper a little later in the day now.

More Information about the 12/19/21 Dining Price Increase (from Greg Zehe)

It was noted by several residents that there were a few cells in the New Price column shown as unchanged.  Please accept my apologies for this error, I was quite sure the column was formatted with the same formula from top to bottom and, in my haste to publish, did not see the error.  Today, I shared a corrected version with all of you.

We wanted you to have a complete list of the price changes, understanding that you are all interested in the impact so you can choose the proper tier.  There are multiple combinations to consider, and so the entire price list would be most useful for residents to calculate the impact of their own dining decisions.   Below I have inserted a basic comparison.  

Meal of the Day ExampleOldNew
Salad (small)$1.25$1.55
Entrée (Chicken)$3.95$4.95
Side Dish (Starch)$0.95$1.20
Side Dish(Vegetable)$0.95$1.20
Drink (Coffee)$0.65$0.80
Dessert (Pie)$2.50$3.15

Net change in this example is 25.4%

Some residents are asking why the prices are increasing without a corresponding increase in the Dining Dollars.  The truth is I made many assumptions about the future while I was building this plan during COVID times.  In reviewing my calculations for the $14.37 meal charge, it included all the most expensive options and also an average salad at the $.25/oz salad bar price.  If we were weighing salads in the Fox and Fell and operating the Langston as a full serve restaurant as originally planned, residents would be spending more of their Dining Dollars at each meal. 

The other key projection is food and labor costs.  I never imagined that we would see these escalate so markedly that an across the board increase would be needed this quickly after roll-out, but the financial results of the past three months have proven that these “extra” Dining Dollars will become a new cost to every member of the community without this pricing adjustment.

The Kendal Values we strive for guide us in ensuring that the Dining Dollars, pricing, and Food Cost Credit represent a fair decisionfor all residents.  An annual review of the program and budget/costs for dining will assure the meal plan delivers on the promises it was built on.  For this reason, the Food Cost credit is increasing to $5.00/meal beginning with the price increase on December 19th.

Traveling with Your Pet During this COVID Holiday Season

What happens when the great pandemic pet boom meets the post-vaccination travel boom? This holiday season, industry experts anticipate a new wave of animal owners will hit the road with the dogs, cats and other creatures they acquired during months of isolation.  Rental service Vrbo told The Washington Post that demand for pet-friendly vacation homes rose 40 percent from last year. Pet travel site “Bring Fido” said its hotel bookings during spring this year far outpaced pre-pandemic times, and it saw vacation rental bookings increase more than 100 percent.

“All of the indicators suggest that with the pandemic puppies and whatnot, the phenomenon is real, and that people are traveling with their dogs even more than before the pandemic,” said Jason Halliburton, Bring Fido’s chief operating officer.  A “pet-friendly” option on Hilton’s booking website has been its third-most-selected filter, according to Bill Duncan, global category head for focused service and all-suites brands. The company is responding to meet that demand. By Jan. 1, Homewood Suites will join Home2 Suites as brands that accept pets at 100 percent of properties in the United States and Canada. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, brands including Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton and Tru by Hilton will also be universally pet-friendly.

Residents and Staff Members, Please Turn in Your Vaccination Records

Residents, if you have received a COVID Booster Vaccine or an Influenza Vaccine off campus, please bring your record of vaccination to the Health and Wellness Clinic so that we can make a copy to keep our records current.  We still have no record of a COVID Booster for 38 of our residents.

Staff members, if you have received a COVID Booster Vaccine or an Influenza Vaccine off campus, please bring your record of vaccination to Kim Leek or Bev Zimmerman so that we can make a copy to keep our records current.

COVID Boosters Available at Local Pharmacies

If you are still in need of receiving the Pfizer COVID Booster, Discount Drug Mart has an ample supply.  You can make your appointment online at the Discount Drug Mart website, make sure to select Oberlin store:  After you receive your vaccine, please make sure to bring a copy of the vaccination record to the Health and Wellness Clinic so that we can copy it.

New Link for appointments in PS Salon during November and December

If you wish to reserve a time with Kayla during November and December, please click on the link below, which is also on the Resident Website under “Forms and Appointments”:

As a reminder, for scheduling the right amount of time for your appointment:

  • Hair Cut – 30 minutes
  • Shampoo, trim, and blow dry – 30 minutes
  • Shampoo, SET and Style – sign up for two 30 minute appointments
  • Pedicure – sign up for two 30 minute appointments

Articles From Don Parker

Medscape sites the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that shows how the vaccine affects different types of immunocompromised people differently and recommends that all people with this condition should get three initial shots and a booster (4th shot) 6 months later.

Recording of November 4th Coffee Hour

If you missed last week’s Coffee Hour, here is the YouTube link of the in-person coffee hour  Sound was somewhat compromised due to using the Big Screen to see zoom participants as well as the recording done from Barbara’s laptop. Some have asked to have this recording due to learning about the experience of Marvell Adams at the recent LeadingAge Meeting. A copy of Kendal Corporation’s response to this incident was posted on the Kendal Corporation’s LinkedIn account. It is also posted on the Admin. bulletin board.

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases  2
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases  
          Residential Care Facility  7
          Skilled Nursing Facility  2
KaO Residents Total 11
     KaO SCC Staff Cases  18
     KaO Other Staff Cases  27
KaO Staff Total 45
Kendal at Oberlin COVID Total 56
**Current Isolation, COVID Positive 0
**Total COVID Beyond Isolation 54
Kendal at Oberlin Vaccination Overall538 of 542 or 99.3%
Total Kendal Residents Vaccinated338 of 338 or 100%
Total Kendal Staff Vaccinated (those unvaccinated have Medical or Religious Exemption)200 of 204 or 98%

Lorain County (as posted 11/8/2021)

New Cases (since Monday, November 1, 2021 – 7-day average 136.6 per day) 956
Total Probable and Confirmed Lorain County Cases 37,425
Total in Zip Code 44074 (+6 since Friday, October 22 2021) 859
Current Lorain County Positivity Rate (HIGH Transmission Rate) 9.7%
Total Deaths, age ranges 20-29 • 1; 30-39 • 3; 40-49 • 13; 50-59 • 31; 60-69 • 92; 70-79 • 157; 80+ • 243 540
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings, posted 11/3/2021, +0 253
Lorain County Vaccinations Started184,480 or 59.5% of population

Cuyahoga County (as posted 11/8/2021)

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)          105,953
Cleveland Cases 44,544
Total Cuyahoga County Cases 150,497
New Cases 2,458
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 2,670
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings, posted 10/24/2021 889

State of Ohio (as posted 11/8/2021)

New Cases in the Last 24-hours  3,122
21-day Average of New Cases 3,611
Total Cases 1,575,319
Age Range all Cases
Median Age of all Cases 39
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative) 81,183 5%
Total Hospitalizations Last 24-hours 147
21-day Average of Hospitalizations 181
Median Age of all Hospitalized 65
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative) 10,291 or 1%
Total ICU Admissions last 24-hours 23
21-day Average of ICU Admissions 21
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 78,512 5%
Total Tested in Ohio 17,472,422
Total Ohio Resident Deaths 25,067
Median Age of Deaths 78
Ohio Resident Deaths in Last 24-hours 0
21-day Average of Deaths 83
Total Deaths in Ohio Long Term Care Settings (Updated Weekly. posted 10/20/2021) 8,011
Statewide Vaccinations Started 6,522,716 or 55.8% of population

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811