Community Updates Week of 7/12/2021

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

July 13, 2021: Update to Residents

Dining Services Grocery Delivery No Longer Free

Starting with July 19, the same date as when the new meal plan choices start, Kendal will no longer be able to offer grocery delivery without a charge. The fee will return to $6 for a delivery.

Meal Plan Options

Many thanks for the terrific effort people are making to sign up for your preferred meal option that begins on July 19-Aug. 18. We have close to 200 people who have submitted their options. It is still early, but thus far we have 56% opting for the full meal plan; 20% selecting 20 meals; 9% 10 meals and just 8% opting out for this first meal cycle. We have quite a few of those opting out indicating they will be away.

KORA Meets Thursday, July 15 at 10:00 a.m. in the Auditorium and on KOTV

You can meet in person in the auditorium or just turn on KOTV and catch the monthly KORA meeting. Zoom will be used only for the board member (Andria Derstine) who will be attending remotely to see KORA in action. There will be some interesting updates including the status of the development of the new Viibrant, an exciting Resident Portal.

Next Afternoon Exchange is July 29 at 4:00 p.m. in person and KOTV

We look forward to meeting you all in the auditorium or imagining those not with us hanging out at home watching on KOTV.

Last week’s Exchange Recorded (7/8/21) on YouTube.

Do you have a bird feeder or bird bath in your yard? Act Now!

Please remove your bird feeders and empty your bird baths to discourage birds from congregating until we get past this period of an unidentified disease for birds.

Most of you are now aware of this mysterious illness afflicting bird populations in Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states. Here’s one of many articles: The recommendation is to remove feeders, clean them as described in this article. Here is the link to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Nina Love shared a picture of a dying finch, believing we have evidence right here on our campus.

Ohio Home Health and Hospice presents Bible Study by Phone

Ohio Living HH&H logo

Focus: God’s Love Compels Us, David Ladines, Spiritual Care Coordinator – Tuesday, July 20 at 10 AM and Tuesday, July 27 at 10 AM

  1. Simply Call: 1-844-636-4258
  2. When prompted, Enter: 79533#

Jacko and Jacko Dentistry

Some of you may be aware that Leonard Jacko, DDS, has made the “heavy heart” decision to close his Oberlin practice effective July 2, 2021, due to the “difficult and unpredictability” of running a solo practice. His office assistant Kellie will have limited hours in the office through July and will assist with the transfer of patient charts. She can be reached at (440) 775-4576.

After July, all remaining charts will be transferred to his wife’s dentistry office in Amherst:

Anne Jacko, DDS; 199 North Leavitt Road, Amherst, Ohio 44001, phone (440) 988-2615. She is happy to take all of Leonard Jacko’s patients into her practice.

There are other local Oberlin dentists and Bruce Weitz, DDS, remains available by appointment in the Health and Wellness Clinic for those that cannot easily leave campus.

Other local dentists include:

  • Dale A. Petrill, DDS, 57 S Main St. (440) 775-4483
  • Melanie B. Satterfield, DDS, 542 W Lorain St. (440) 775-7645 

Services in the Salon PS Hours

We continue to juggle schedules for the salon using Signup Genius to confirm appointment availability. Know that Kayla Morris is our single stylist at this time and has committed to this schedule, working in both IL and SCC resident needs: Tuesdays: 9-3; Wednesday: 9-3; Thursday: 9-3; Friday: 9-1

You can access Signup Genius for PS Salon or on the KORA website under Forms & Appointments.

woman holding baby

Baby Archer Duncan, son of Rachel was spotted on an impromptu visit last week to Kendal. This lil’ guy was born just 6 weeks ago and has grown from 6 pounds to now over 11lbs. Rachel reports all going so well, and she so looks forward to seeing Archer grow while she is happily employed here at Kendal.

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases 
          Residential Care Facility 1
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total1
     KaO SCC Staff Cases14
     KaO Other Staff Cases 18
KaO Staff Total32
Kendal at Oberlin Total33
***In Quarantine, COVID Positive0
Kendal at Oberlin Vaccination Overall Rate520 of 564 92.2%
Total Kendal Residents Vaccinated 343 of 343 100%
Total Kendal Staff Vaccinated (this number will go up with staff getting vaccinated and hiring, it will go down with staff attrition)177 of 221 80%

Lorain County (as of 7/12/2021)

New Cases (since Tuesday, July 6, 2021 – 6 day average: 3.7 per day)22
Total Lorain County Cases  20,196
Total in Zip Code 44074 (+2 since Tuesday, July 6, 2021)554
Current Lorain County Positivity Rate0.7%
Total Deaths, age ranges 20-29 • 1; 30-39 • 3; 40-49 • 7; 50-59 • 22; 60-69 • 71; 70-79 • 138; 80+ • 212454
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/7/2021, +0)236
Lorain County Vaccinations Started 161,401 or 52.1% of population

Cuyahoga County (as of 7/12/2021)

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)          82,068
Cleveland Cases 33,639
Total Cuyahoga County Cases115,707
New Cases (since Tuesday, July 6, 2021)            184
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 2,396
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/7/2021)852

State of Ohio (as posted on 7/12/2021)

New Cases in the Last 24-hours  260
21-day Average of New Cases224
Total Cases 1,114,491
Age Range all Cases<1-111
Median Age of all Cases41
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)60,949 or 5%
Total Hospitalizations Last 24-hours25
21-day Average of Hospitalizations 35
Median Age of all Hospitalized66
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)8,359 or 1% 
Total ICU Admissions last 24-hours 2
21-day Average of ICU Admissions 5
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 65,012 or 6%
Total Tested in Ohio13,801,788
Total Ohio Resident Deaths20,380
Median Age of Deaths 80
Ohio Resident Deaths in Last 24-hours0
21-day Average of Deaths10
Total Deaths in Ohio Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/7/2021 – ODH adjusted this number) 7,609
Statewide Vaccinations Started5,629,241 or 48.2% of population

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811