Community Updates Week of 7/13/2020

July 17, 2020: Update to Residents

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

Updated Map of the Ohio Public Health Advisory System

Lorain County and Cuyahoga County remain “red-level 3”. There continues to be no “purple-level 4” counties in Ohio, although more counties are “red” this week compared to last week. Visitors will be restricted from “purple-level 4 counties”. If Lorain County goes “purple”, we will have to temporarily suspend visitation on campus until our county is reduced to “red” or lower. Visitors from out of state must have prior approval from Barbara Thomas or Stacy Terrell. Visitors coming from any county/state across the nation that are at a “level 4” will need to postpone their trip to Kendal until their home county/state is reduced in risk and severity of the pandemic. We are following the information on the Harvard Global Health Institute website for out of state decisions.

Please Avoid the Heiser Community Center Tuesday, July 21

We ask that all residents avoid entering the Heiser Community Center on Tuesday, July 21, until 2:00pm to accommodate all-staff testing for COVID-19 in the Heiser Auditorium. Thank you for understanding. Additionally, if you are planning to have visitors on Tuesday, those visits are not restricted as a result of our campus-wide staff testing. Your visit may happen as scheduled.

Anti-Social Ice Cream Event in the Langston

Monday, 7/20, from 1:30pm – 3:00pm: Residents who wish to purchase Toft’s ice cream are invited to come to the Langston any time between 1:30pm and 3:00pm. The pints are $2.25 each, and please limit your purchases to 2 pints to ensure we have enough for everyone. There will be NSA (no sugar added) ice cream and frozen yogurt available also. Everyone will need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Nutritional Information for the Menus

We want to thank the community for your cooperation in completing and returning menus by the deadlines. This timeliness is essential to make this system work. We still get occasional inquiries from residents who don’t see the nutritional information on the order sheet. As a reminder, All the nutritional information for the menu is available to you at We are happy to answer any menu or ordering questions. Please contact Stephanie Sutton at 775-9805.

Monday – Centering with Indira Palekar, Kendal’s Psychologist

Join Zoom MeetingMeeting ID: 937 1381 8194 (Please contact Social Services staff for password.)
One tap mobile
+13017158592,,93713818194#,,1#,707352# US (Germantown)
+13126266799,,93713818194#,,1#,707352# US (Chicago)

Weekly Blood Pressure Checks

The weekly blood pressure clinic with our partners in care, Ohio Living, will be starting up again beginning next week. Services will be available from Jill Mull, the Ohio Living LPN, every Wednesday from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Ohio Living office across from the Health and Wellness Clinic. Masks are required to be worn at all times, and social distancing is always also required.

Quick Updates 

  • Save the Date – It has been confirmed a quartet from the Cleveland Orchestra will come to Kendal and play in our Auditorium! The concert will be broadcast live to residents, and the date is Friday, August 14, at 4:00pm.
  • Distilled water for resident C-pap machines can now be purchased from Dining Services as a grocery list item. This is no longer available from Laurie Dupee’s office. Freebies that Dining was offering are now depleted.
  • Next week’s recorded Exercise Videos on WKAO (19) will be: Monday: Strength; Wednesday: Balance; Friday: Chair. Videos will run at 9:30am and 4:00pm.
  • A look ahead at 4pm Zoom Exchanges with Barbara – Circle the Date of July 30 when both Indira Palekar will be with us to speak about the many adjustments this pandemic has required and some planning underway for small group options. Secondly, Mary Jordan from the Board of Elections will talk about your next voting experience. She will share their ideas and seek your input for what needs to be done at Kendal. On August 6, Sean Kelly has accepted Barbara’s invitation to talk about planning priorities at the Kendal corporate level and ways they are supporting Kendal affiliates in this pandemic.

From Kendal Engagement:

Zen on the West Coast

San Francisco Zen Center is a practice place for a diverse population of students, visitors, lay people, priests, and monks guided by teachers who follow in Suzuki Roshi’s style of warm hand and heart to warm hand and heart. All are welcome.  

Enso Village, a Kendal Affiliate, is a collaboration between Kendal and the San Francisco Zen Center. Enso Village is a Life Plan Community in Healdsburg, CA with a focus on mindful aging, the joys of nature, environmental stewardship, contemplative care, and healthy life choices for adults 60+. From gardens to kitchens to meditation spaces and even in its assisted living and memory care residences, Enso Village will inspire a spirit of connection, compassion, and mutual respect that embraces residents of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Zen on the East Coast

New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care – NYZCCC offers a year-long Foundations in Contemplative Care Training Program. NYZCCC defines contemplative care as a multi-faith, relationship-centered approach to care that draws on the contemplative practice of the caregiver as the primary source of wisdom and loving action. The Foundations curriculum is designed for healthcare professionals, volunteer caregivers, and those wishing to explore emotional and spiritual support for the aging, ill, and dying, and for those who care for them. They have various offerings, including Wisdom Sangha, a community of Elders aged 60+ who meet online the second Friday of each month to explore the themes and realities of aging.

12 ways to live more mindfully and Zen-like – Here are just a few:

  • Do one thing at a time
  • Do it slowly and deliberately
  • Devote time to sitting
  • Smile and serve others

Cat and Small Dog Nail Pampering Scheduled

Saturday, July 25Kerry Trent will be back to serve residents at our Kendal entrance who find their pet’s nails are needing a trim.

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases0
          Residential Care Facility 0
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total0
     KaO SCC Staff Cases0
     KaO Other Staff Cases1
KaO Staff Total1
Kendal at Oberlin Total1

Lorain County (as of 2PM)

New Cases (since yesterday)22
Total Lorain County Cases1,292
Total Deaths, age ranges 30-39 • 1; 50-59 • 2; 60-69 • 6; 70-79 • 15, 80+ • 4266
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/16/2020)36

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)6,674
Cleveland Cases4,009
Total Cuyahoga County Cases10,683
Combined New Cases since yesterday271
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 413
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/16/2020)188

State of Ohio (as of 2PM)

New Cases in the Last 24-Hours 1,679
21 Day Average of New Cases1,126
Total Cases72,280
Age Range all Cases<1-109
Median Age of all Cases43
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)9,445 or 13%
Total Hospitalizations last 24 hrs121
21 Day Average of Hospitalizations 89
Median Age of all Hospitalized63
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)2,305 or 3 %
Total ICU Admissions last 24 hours25
21 Day Average of ICU Admissions 19
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 8,689 12%
Total Tested in Ohio1,112,019
Total Deaths  3,112 or 4%
Median Age of Deaths 80
Deaths in Last 24 hours 9
21 Day Average of Deaths 15
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 7/16/2020)1,777

July 15, 2020: Update to Residents

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

Governor’s Address Tonight

Governor Mike DeWine shared a passionate address to Ohioans this evening at 5:30, reminding Ohioans that our future is in our hands. The Governor affirmed the difference all Ohioans made in the first months of the pandemic. We flattened the curve, we set an example for the world with “our Ohio grit”; but we are beginning to let our guard down. The numbers in Florida and Arizona a month ago are similar to where Ohio is today. “If we don’t act now, Florida and Arizona will be our future… This is our defining time for each of us to ‘call upon our better angels’ to do what is right and protect each other.” In order to have freedoms in the future, we must make sacrifices now. Ohioans do not give up and “we will not relent… in building Ohio’s future.”

Reaching Out for Help

Much has been written in the media about the impact on mental health during this pandemic. While there are many options and resources, including our own psychologist on campus, having regular appointments with a professional most suitable to your special needs is important. If you have a resource in Lorain County but are not in a position to drive yourself, please know Kendal will waive the transportation fee during this pandemic. If you have a resource outside of Lorain County and cannot afford commercial transportation charges, know that Kendal has a transportation fund that can offer assistance for such needs. Kendal would like to remove the obstacle of transportation charges to get needed help. There will be no fee if the service is provided in Lorain County. Outside county arrangements can be made with a commercial service and arranged by Kendal. Just call Kendal Transportation or reach out to Social Services for assistance.

Thursday Delivery from Johnny’s

Don’t miss delivery of your order this week. Johnny’s arrives at 10am on Thursday.  Please remember to keep physical distancing and wear masks. Wash hands thoroughly once home, please. 

Thursday Zoom Afternoon Exchange (or KOTV)

Kendal at Oberlin sent out a written copy (pdf to those who receive Kendal emails) late Wednesday afternoon of our Pandemic Phased Recovery Plan. Highlights will be touched on at the Afternoon Zoom Exchange. We will also give any updates by New Normal Planning Committee. If you are on Zoom rather than watching KOTV, you will also have another poll at the end of the meeting. Join Zoom Meeting, meeting ID: 921 4392 7958 – One tap mobile: +13126266799,,92143927958# US (Chicago)

Oberlin Public Library

Joe Colucci reports that after 14 weeks the borrowing program seems to be working very well, thanks to the excellent cooperation from Director Darren and his staff at the OPL.

So far, 45 Kendal residents have participated, many numerous times: 184 books, 83 DVDs, and 12 other items have been delivered to Kendal residents for a grand total of 279 items. Many more than that have been returned to OPL.  Residents may have had OPL items that were not returned when the lockdown started, and they have since returned them.

This is a good time to also say thanks for the great job our Kendal Library Volunteers do in supporting residents in their reading preferences. They also keep great records to remind us when books are overdue without having to pay the overdue fines!  Thank you, Friends!

Did you miss the 4th of July festivities?

If you did you can catch it or enjoy AGAIN by a special video put together by Dennis Cook. The half-hour of music, program, parade, boats, ice cream, and even kites will be shown on KOTV Thursday, July 16, at 3pm and again at 7pm. 

2020 Spellebrate Battle of the Champions

DON’T MISS OUT watching Kendal’s Wordly Wise team (Rebecca Cardozo, Robin Lauren, Nancy MacRae, Toni Merleno) battle Oberlin Rotary and Lorain Public Library for the 2020 Spellebrate Championship on Thursday at 5pm.

SPELLEBRATE LORAIN COUNTY: Battle of the Champions

July 16, 2020 | 5-6pm LIVE on the UW Lorain County YouTube channel (@uwlorcty)

Champions from past Spellebrate events will go head-to-head in a virtual spelling competition that will premiere on United Way of Greater Lorain County’s YouTube Channel. All funds raised through a fun crowdfunding challenge will be directed towards families served by United Way’s UCAN Community Collaborative. UCAN is helping families financially challenged during this pandemic.

 A Friendly Reminder about Visitors

In order to maintain the health of our campus and minimize exposure when visitors are on campus:

Family Members or Friends here to visit Residents (Independent or SCC) should not enter Heiser Center for screening or for any other reason.

  • Visitors for SCC residents are screened outdoors at the tents on Heiser Circle (and the Education Center restrooms are being made available, if needed).
  • Visitors for Independent Residents can take their own temperatures and are to go directly to the parking area designated for their visit.

(These visitors phone their Resident Host when they arrive on campus. If they don’t have a cell phone, staff at the entrance could make that call for them or radio the Reception Desk to call the IL Resident to announce their arrival.)

During this phase of our reopening, the places indoors that Family/Friend Visitors are allowed include:

  • The restrooms located between the William Penn Dining Room and Heiser Auditorium (and ONLY to be accessed via that outdoor entrance);
  • The private bathrooms of first-floor Apartment Resident Hosts (and ONLY to be accessed from patios, directly into the Resident’s unit – not via Apartment Building hallways). 

Unplanned Visitors Arriving at Entrance

This week we have had quite a few people arriving at the entrance fully expecting to visit a resident, to provide a service, or just to make a planned visit. It is clear they knew nothing about the pre-arrangements. Please know that we are doing our best to ensure only those persons who have been given an official invite for an outdoor visit and who have the necessary pass completed will be admitted. Two such visitors were planning to make “visits” inside the home for a non-emergency service in the cottage. Such visits are not permitted at this time.

Kendal Engagement shared a neat idea today from Kendal at Lexington

“Conversation Pods”. We’re all looking for ways to stay physically distanced and safe, while also being able to socially interact to stay well mentally. Kendal at Lexington has started a “Conversation Pods” initiative where they are looking for little niches within their building where furniture can be re-positioned to create little places to chat safely. Kendal at Lexington sits on 85 acres of rolling farmland with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so they are also looking outside on their lovely campus to identify sites for a bench or a cluster of chairs where people might want to go and sit and chat. Individuals are appropriately distanced and wear a face mask. How might you create safe physically distanced “conversation pods” within your own community?

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases
          Residential Care Facility
          Skilled Nursing Facility
KaO Residents Total 0
     KaO SCC Staff Cases  0
     KaO Other Staff Cases  1
KaO Staff Total 1
Kendal at Oberlin Total 1

Lorain County (as of 2PM)

New Cases since Monday (average 25.5 last 2 days) 51
Total Lorain County Cases 1,246
Total Deaths, age ranges 30-39 • 1; 50-59 • 2; 60-69 • 6; 70-79 • 15, 80+ • 42 66
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated Wednesday, July 8th, unchanged this week) 36

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland) 6,491
Cleveland Cases 3,777
Total Cuyahoga County Cases 10,268
Combined New Cases since Monday (daily average 168 last 2 days) 336
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 409
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (no update available today at press time) 175

State of Ohio

New Cases in the Last 24 Hours 1,316
21 Day Average of New Cases 1,074
Total Cases 69,311
Age Range all Cases <1-109
Median Age of all Cases 44
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative) 9,209 or 13%
Total Hospitalizations last 24 hrs 160
21 Day Average of Hospitalizations 84
Median Age of all Hospitalized 64
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative) 2,259 or 3%
Total ICU Admissions last 24 hours 36
21 Day Average of ICU Admissions 18
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 8,472 12%
Total Tested in Ohio 1,058,599
Total Deaths  3,075 or 4%
Median Age of Deaths 80
Deaths in Last 24 hours 6
21 Day Average of Deaths 15
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (no update available today at press time) 1,732

A Good Read…

This is one of the best ever stories from Sports Illustrated.  Although it is long, it is well worth reading. Considering the current corona crisis, it is a cautionary tale.  –Joe Colucci

Island of the Colorblind   –from Kendal Engagement

“Color is just a word to those who cannot see it” 

“PINGELAP ATOLL, A Micronesian island in the South Pacific, sometimes goes by its other name, the Island of the Colorblind. That’s the moniker Oliver Sacks assigned the island in his 1996 book that explored the human brain. 

Today roughly 10 percent of the island’s people are still believed to have the gene for the condition, known as complete achromatopsia, a rate significantly higher than the one-in-30,000 occurrence elsewhere in the world. But 10 percent is also high enough that the concept of color—and who can see it—has acquired new meaning among people in Pingelap. Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde has used the island and the concept of color blindness to inspire a series of images on genetics. During a visit to Pingelap in 2015, she created photos showing the world as a color-blind person might see it. “Color is just a word to those who cannot see it,” De Wilde observed. “What I’m really trying to do is to invite people to a new way of seeing and interacting with the world,” says De Wilde.” Read her story and see her images here.

July 13, 2020: Update to Residents

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

Ohio breaks record with 1,525 new coronavirus cases: Friday update


Yes – Kendal is Concerned

With COVID cases on the rise across the country as well as Lorain County and Cuyahoga County, we will evaluate the wisdom of visits to campus with the new ratings by county on Wednesday to determine criteria if stopping visits for a period of time will be implemented. Stay tuned.

Live Updates from The Washington Post:

  • Official compares Miami to ‘Wuhan six months ago’ as coronavirus cases spiral upward and
  • WHO says ‘too many countries are heading in the wrong direction’ as cases continue to rise rapidly

The SCC residents are looking to get out and visit! 

If you have a friend in the Stephens Care Center and would like to visit with that friend, please use the SignUp Genius to make an appointment –

We ask you to help us out by doing the following:

  1. Some residents have many friends who wish to visit – please look and see if that person already has a visit that day. If so, please pick another day.
  2. Some residents don’t have family visiting, and they wish to have some visits. Please see Carol Bojanowski and Elizabeth Hole for a weekly list of residents who would benefit from a friend’s visit.
  3. If the weather is HOT or if it is raining, your visit might be canceled and we will need to reschedule.

If you need some help, please contact Kelly Kukes,

Oberlin Credo Lectures and Concerts for Kendal: (NOT on KOTV)

Tuesday, July 14, 7:15 p.m. – Charles McGuire video on Beethoven quartets, followed by an open discussion with Professor McGuire by ZOOM. Shared by Shirley Taylor

Join Zoom Program. Meeting ID: 833 2215 3448, password: Credo2020

 Again, this event will not be broadcast on KOTV.

Good Reads

World Health Organization: What do we know about aerosol transmission?

Some medical procedures can produce very small droplets (called aerosolized droplet nuclei or aerosols) that are able to stay suspended in the air for longer periods of time. When such medical procedures are conducted on people infected with COVID-19 in health facilities, these aerosols can contain the COVID-19 virus. These aerosols may potentially be inhaled by others if they are not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. Therefore, it is essential that all health workers performing these medical procedures take specific airborne protection measures, including using appropriate personal protective equipment. Visitors should not be permitted in areas where such medical procedures are being performed. 

There have been reported outbreaks of COVID-19 in some closed settings, such as restaurants, nightclubs, places of worship or places of work where people may be shouting, talking, or singing. In these outbreaks, aerosol transmission, particularly in these indoor locations where there are crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces where infected persons spend long periods of time with others cannot be ruled out. More studies are urgently needed to investigate such instances and assess their significance for transmission of COVID-19. Shared by Alan Lockwood

Seeing is Believing: Effectiveness of Facemasks

Be sure to watch the video in this article, it clearly demonstrates that bandanas are the least effective in protecting. 

Results showed that loosely folded facemasks and bandana-style coverings stop aerosolized respiratory droplets to some degree. However, well-fitted homemade masks with multiple layers of quilting fabric, and off-the-shelf cone style masks, proved to be the most effective in reducing droplet dispersal. These masks were able to curtail the speed and range of the respiratory jets significantly, albeit with some leakage through the mask material and from small gaps along the edges. –Florida Atlantic University as shared by Alan Lockwood

Passes to Exit Kendal

The lion’s share of non-medical passes are being issued for curbside pick-ups where a resident does not exit their car. The transaction is being handled by prepayment methods and items are loaded into the trunk or back seat without the resident’s leaving the car. Second highest number of requests are passes to just take a scenic ride, give the car battery a good workout, and perhaps get gas using the necessary protections of using gloves and paying at the pump. You know the drill!

We will be trying out a new fillable form that will be placed on KORA’s website (saved in your own computer file) that can be submitted to a special Kendal email for passes. It will only be used for the passes described above. All you need to do is print out a copy and submit it to the special email; no response needed. Just print it out and show to staff at the entrance.

If you have a non-medical request that does not fall into the above description i.e. permanent bike pass; exchange of car at entrance by a car dealership or repair shop; having an outside company enter your home for a special repair service, request to go sailing, golfing, etc. etc., we still want you to email your request to Stacy and Barbara. While many are approved, others based on the details have been declined at this phase. These non-routine requests will still be returned to you with a response, and if approved can be printed and used accordingly.

We will try out the new fillable form with residents who get our email blasts to evaluate its impact. Stay tuned this week as we release it and post to the KORA site for use. In the meantime, we will continue to approve email requests for passes. Stay safe; COVID is significantly on the rise near and far. We appreciate all you are doing to keep yourselves and Kendal well and protected. 

Other Updates:

  • Johnny’s Beverage Order – Reminder to place orders no later than Tuesday morning for delivery on Thursday at Heiser at 10:00am. (440-774-8215)
  • Thursday’s Zoom at 4pm with Barbara (also on KOTV) “Kendal’s Pandemic Phased Plan” – Join Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 921 4392 7958, call in +16465588656,,92143927958# US (New York)

Housekeeping News

We do want to remind residents they may easily change their current housekeeping preferences to any of the three plans (standard, express, opt-out) by contacting Crystal Hall at 775-9199. (Due to lack of use, the clipboards by the mailboxes will be removed.) Residents who choose to remain in their cottage while Housekeeping is providing services are requested to stay in one room, perhaps the bedroom, while the rest is being cleaned and then vacate that space for cleaning at the end. We do miss all of you, but we are committed to your safety and this is a BEST PRACTICE recommended for effective social distancing and infection control.

All are Requested

If you use one of the meeting rooms or outdoor visitor canopy areas for any purpose, it is your responsibility to use the supplies in the sanitation station to wipe the high touch surfaces and chairs you used with the disinfectant spray provided so the area is prepared for the next person.

Have you checked out freebies from

Create a free account and have Broadway at your fingertips.

New Performances All Summer Long

Lincoln Center misses you on their plazas—gathering, dancing, and enjoying the outdoor concerts, festival performances, and summer days and nights. They are sharing the artistry you love in new and creative ways. This week you can watch the recent CBS This Morning interview with Lincoln Center president Henry Timms on our campus, featuring a special performance by Broadway actor and singer Norm Lewis. Check out the New York Philharmonic’s Concerts in the Parks @ Home featuring highlights from past concerts in Central Park with Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, and Joshua Bell, as well as newly recorded performances by Philharmonic musicians. Also, Dizzy’s Club is bringing “the best jazz room in the city” to your home. Join us every week for livestream living room concerts from some of Dizzy’s Club’s favorite musicians.

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases0
          Residential Care Facility 0
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total0
     KaO SCC Staff Cases0
     KaO Other Staff Cases1
KaO Staff Total1
Kendal at Oberlin Total1

Lorain County (as of 2PM)

New Cases (since Friday, average 30.3 last 3 days)91
Total Lorain County Cases1,195
Total Deaths, age ranges 30-39 • 1; 50-59 • 2; 60-69 • 6; 70-79 • 14, 80+ • 4265
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated Wednesday, July 8th, unchanged this week)36

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)6,261
Cleveland Cases3,671
Total Cuyahoga County Cases9,932
Combined New Cases (since Friday, average 245.7 last 3 days)737
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 401
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated Wednesday, July 8th)175

State of Ohio (as of 2PM)

New Cases in the last 24-Hours 1,261
21 Day Average of New Cases1,015
Total Cases66,853
Age Range all Cases<1-109
Median Age of all Cases44
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)8,915 or 13%
Total Hospitalizations last 24 hours73
21 Day Average of Hospitalizations 77
Median Age of all Hospitalized64
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)2,201 or 3 %
Total ICU Admissions last 24 hours16
21 Day Average of ICU Admissions 17
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 8,284 12%
Total Tested in Ohio1,020,811
Total Deaths  3,064 or 5%
Median Age of Deaths 80
Deaths in Last 24 hours 6
21 Day Average of Deaths 17
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated Wednesday, July 8th) 1,732

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811