Community Updates Week of 8/17/2020

August 21, 2020: Update to Residents

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

Lorenzo’s Pizza Party

Delivery will be on Tuesday/Thursday this coming week. We’ll list the delivery schedule in Monday’s news update.  

Disclosure Meeting

Monday at 4pm on both Zoom and KOTV

Join ZOOM Meetingplease contact Kendal for passcode. To join by phone: US:+ 1 646 558 8656, or +1 301 715 8592 – Meeting ID 982 5329 3974

Lorain County Moves from Level Two to Level Three (Red)

Lorain County has moved to a Level Three of risk and severity of outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. 

This is due to the number of recent emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and a near capacity of local Intensive Care Units.  Dave Corvell, Director of Lorain County Public, expressed we can expect to swing between Level Two and Level Three for some time.  Kendal at Oberlin continues to watch this very closely.

Detailed information may be found here.   

What Does Level Three Mean for Kendal?

At this point, the only change is that in-store shopping during senior hours is suspended for Independent Living residents, curbside shopping remains permitted, outdoor visitation continues with no change.

If you get a call from a Contact Tracer

If you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, you may be contacted by a contact tracer or public health worker. Their goal is to help slow the spread of the disease. Here’s what to know if you get a call:

  • A contact tracer may call to let you know you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. All information you share with a contact tracer—with whom you’ve been in contact and your recent whereabouts–is confidential.
  • You may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. This means staying home, monitoring your health, and maintaining social distance from others at all times.
  • You may be asked to monitor your health and watch for symptoms of COVID-19. Notify Kendal if you should get such a call. Your doctor will be contacted by Kendal. Anyone under quarantine is followed daily by Kendal staff.

Beware of scammers impersonating contact tracers: You will not be asked by any health department staff for money; your Social Security number; your bank account information; your salary information; or for any credit card numbers. Hang up immediately if you are asked for any of this information! 

Johnny Comes Calling Again

Next week we will have beverage delivery by Johnny’s. You may place orders with Terry or his staff (440-775-8215) on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Delivery will now be on Thursday at 10am in front of Heiser. Please make a note to be there on time so your deliveries are not left unattended.

“Reel in the Closet”

You can catch a free screening of the award-winning documentary at 8pm Friday evening.

About the film: “Reel in the Closet” is a feature-length documentary that reveals LGBTQ life through hundreds of never-before-seen home movies dating back to the 1930s.  Working primarily with the GLBT Historical Society for material, the filmmakers (Stu Maddux/Joe Applebaum) raised funds for the archive to digitally transfer, for the first time, many of the reels in the Hal O’Neal, Crawford Barton and other collections.  Until that point in 2015, the collections had been processed but many of the reels unviewed.  The documentary reveals the best moments of these home movies along with community productions and other video donated to archives around the world to weave a rarely seen glimpse of queer history through the eyes of those who lived it.

Oberlin College Community Voices “Oberlin Resilience Project”

When the public schools and Oberlin College closed down, the Environmental Dashboard team reached out to many community leaders and asked for interviews. The spring interviews focused on sharing the many ways in which members of our community are resilient in the face of adversity. The Resilience Project organizer Deena Saadi organized the thoughtful and moving content from these interviews into slides for presentation on the 21 Environmental Dashboard screens installed throughout the Oberlin community. This content is now live on these screens and can also be viewed online through this link: All Resilience Project slides. You will recognize the names of many townies, including Kendal names.

A new project is brewing for the fall semester that will involve group interviews. Maybe some of these topics resonate with you. If you are interested in participating in a particular topic, sign your name and area of particular interest on a sign-up sheet near the inhouse mailboxes.

  • The benefits of POWER. Providing Oberlin With Energy Responsibly has increased the energy efficiency and comfort of numerous homes in Oberlin.  We want to learn from those who have directly benefited and share their experiences with others!
  • Celebrating Oberlin community members with disabilities. 2020 marks the 30-year anniversary of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)!  We want to learn from local residents, activists, and others who have been affected, and who support differently-abled members of our community.
  • The value of green spaces in Oberlin.  Who makes the best and most creative use of green spaces in Oberlin and what are their favorite locations and activities?  Let’s share and celebrate what we have learned about the natural beauty of Oberlin!
  • Who’s got green jobs in Oberlin? From sanitation workers, to the local businesses to educators to local farmers– a variety of community members are ALREADY engaged in the green economy.  What do they do and how can we expand opportunities for others?

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases0
          Residential Care Facility 0
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total0
     KaO SCC Staff Cases1
     KaO Other Staff Cases2
KaO Staff Total3
Kendal at Oberlin Total3

Lorain County (as of 2PM)

New Cases (Monday to Thursday, 3 day average: 9.3 per day)28
Total Lorain County Cases (as of August 20)1,989
Total Deaths, age ranges 30-39 • 1; 50-59 • 4; 60-69 • 9; 70-79 • 18, 80+ • 4274
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/19/2020)39

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)10,192
Cleveland Cases5,341
Total Cuyahoga County Cases Aug 2015,533
Combined New Cases (Monday to Thursday, 3 day average: 196.7 per day – note: delay in reporting last weekend)590
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/19/2020)257

State of Ohio (as of 2PM)

New Cases in the Last 24-Hours (as of Thursday, August 20)1,122
21 Day Average of New Cases1,066
Total Cases (as of August 20)112,003
Age Range all Cases<1-109
Median Age of all Cases42
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)12,615 or 11%
Total Hospitalizations last 24 hrs (8/20)86
21 Day Average of Hospitalizations 92
Median Age of all Hospitalized64
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)2,844 or 3 %
Total ICU Admissions last 24 hours (8/20)17
21 Day Average of ICU Admissions 15
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 12,576 11%
Total Tested in Ohio1,905,419
Total Deaths  3,929 or 4%
Median Age of Deaths 80
Deaths in Last 24 hours (as of August 20)22
21 Day Average of Deaths 23
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/19/2020)2,195

August 17, 2020: Update to Residents

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

Note to Community Update Readers

The next Community Update will be published Friday, August 21. There will not be an update produced for this Wednesday, August 19.

Calendar Change for “Doubt”

This Friday’s Play Reading “Doubt” has been moved from this Friday to Friday, September 11, with some additional adaptions, now using Zoom for your enjoyment. The use of masks has not been effective to adequately communicate with the necessary voice and facial distinction.

NEW – Newcomers Interviews

The Newcomers Committee is putting on a program to introduce the new residents since the pandemic began in March. It will be on Wednesday, August 19, at 4pm on KOTV. Kendal always drew a wonderful turnout to meet new residents in the auditorium and lounge. Do plan to enjoy this half-hour interview with Lillie and Nick Long and Ann and Rollin Conway. Priscilla Steinberg will be interviewing our new residents. This is the just the beginning of a series of such interviews.

SCC Tent Visitation is in need of some help with sanitizing

To capitalize on the number of individuals who can visit in a day, the amount of time between one family visiting and another family arriving is 15 minutes. During this 15 minutes we need to escort residents back to their living area and sanitize all the tables and chairs. In addition, while a new resident is being escorted to the tent area, Kelly Kukes starts the Health Screening process to welcome the new family and get them situated for their visit. We are finding we need a few more hands to help with sanitizing the tables, chairs, and Plexiglas station between visits. If you are willing and able to volunteer, please contact Michele Tarsitano-Amato. Warm thanks to Anne Lockwood and Barb Davis for volunteering to help, and we could use a few more.

Risk of Secondary COVID-19 Transmission Low in Most Settings

Here is a Medscape report of a current Annals of Internal Medicine article detailing the risk of secondary transmission (person testing positive passing infection to another person) with risk analysis of location of exposure and severity of target person’s disease. This should help in prioritizing the urgency of contact tracing. It also throws a spotlight on the increased risk of people who are in a bubble (household). Shared by Don Parker

High Dosage Flu Vaccination

Kendal at Oberlin is currently checking with all suppliers of the high dosage influenza vaccination for this coming flu season. Supplies have been ordered for the standard flu vaccination, and we are working to have a supply of the high dosage vaccination to provide residents with an option here on campus. More information will be coming in the next few weeks.   

Quarantine and Isolation

There have been some questions about isolation and quarantine. Anne Lockwood crafted some questions on this topic. We hope this is helpful. 

  • Isolation separates people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.
  • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed, or may have been exposed, to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. 

Who makes the decisions about whether someone needs to be quarantined?

Throughout the pandemic, Kendal at Oberlin has collaborated very closely with Lorain County Public Health on all COVID-19 matters, including decisions regarding whether or not to quarantine. Based on this professional public health guidance Kendal at Oberlin has received over these many months, and recognizing that our knowledge as a society continues to expand and evolve regarding the coronavirus, Shenell Hinton, RN Director of Clinical Services, reviews each situation and applies the guidance provided by Lorain County Public Health.

What are the factors that are taken into account?

There are many factors, including but not limited to:

  • A known exposure or a potential of exposure;
  • Level of current outbreak in the area of known/potential exposure;
  • Duration of known/potential exposure;
  • The environment where the known/potential exposure occurred;
  • A person’s compromising conditions for infection;
  • Any mitigation devices in place at the site of a known/potential exposure (i.e. masks, 6-feet distancing, health screening, etc.)

These factors determine if a quarantine is warranted and if so, the number of days of quarantine.

Can a person reliably find out what the quarantine consequences will be before deciding whether or not to do something?

Yes, you can email Shenell Hinton or Kim Leek, RN Clinical Educator and Infection Control Preventionist, and they can provide an advisory based on the information given.

What is the rationale for quarantining a resident for spending a night somewhere else, apparently regardless of the location/circumstances, whereas residents can spend an entire day away without quarantine?

This reflects on the factors taken into consideration, including the place and duration of the known/potential exposure in consultation with Lorain County Public Health.

Ordering Local Produce

The season is short! You can find order forms in the Heiser on the grocery table if you would like to order local produce from the Oberlin area.

Lorenzo’s Pizza Party

Order forms are in the Lounge for next week’s Pizza Party August 25 and 26. An additional order option is a lunch-sized order of lasagna for $7. It did not work well to freeze. All you have to do is heat it up in the oven or microwave. All orders due no later than Friday, August 21, by 5pm. 

Kendal Fitness on Channel 19

  • Wednesday, Aug. 19th – Balance
  • Friday, Aug. 21st – Chair

Videos will run at 9:30am and 4:00pm.

There are still open spots available for the following outside exercise classes with Danna and Saun beginning next week:

  • Monday/Friday – yoga/balance/stretch mix  
  • Monday/Friday – low impact aerobic/body-weight strength training
  • Monday/Friday – multi-level chair
  • Tuesday/Thursday – aerobic/bodyweight
  • Tuesday/Thursday – multi-level chair

Please contact the Fitness Department at 775-9851 if you are interested in signing up or getting on a wait list for a class.

Non-Medical Routine Passes

We are working this week to bring the “routine” non-medical pass up to date for other purposes besides only curbside shopping/trips. For example, we have now approved other outside activities like golf at a non-busy time, or a walk in an uncrowded park. They fit the category of routine non-medical pass submission. The current pass will be adapted by the end of the week and available in both hard copy and online to fill in and submit. Please know that your decisions to go places must always consider their level of risk. If you arrive at a location and people are without masks and/or it is a busier time than you expected, please reconsider your activity. Same thing with senior shopping. Choose wisely. Your risk becomes a risk to everyone back at Kendal if you encounter COVID exposure.

Visits out to family while remaining in car, masked and distanced?

Yes, approved in our Phase 2. This is also viewed as a “curbside” activity and acceptable, recognizing you are not leaving your car and are following all the protections as other Kendal campus visits.

IGA and Walmart Grocery Orders handled by Kendal

IGA called on Monday and firmly requests no calls regarding adding orders, clarifying orders, etc. Please work through your Kendal representatives. The only person who is authorized take a call for Kendal needs is Leo Braido, owner, and it should only be Priscilla or Mary who are making a contact. Please understand asking them when a certain wine gets in or if they have a certain item is taking them away from an already short-staffed situation. Sheri has other responsibilities and Leo respectfully hopes you understand this no- call policy for the Kendal procedures. 

For Walmart orders, here too, our procedures must be followed to use Kendal’s transportation of your order. If you create an order but have not called it in to Kendal volunteers, please plan to do your own curbside pick-up at Walmart. If you do not have transportation, please ask a friend. Kendal will only transport those orders that have followed the direction of day-before planning by communicating with both Priscilla and Mary. Without this discipline, our system takes excessive efforts and the volunteers and store personnel are doing the best they can to process the orders for all.

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases0
          Residential Care Facility 0
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total0
     KaO SCC Staff Cases1
     KaO Other Staff Cases2
KaO Staff Total3
Kendal at Oberlin Total3

Lorain County (as of 2PM)

New Cases (since Friday, Aug 14, 3-day average: 17.7)53
Total Lorain County Cases1,961
Total Deaths, age ranges 30-39 • 1; 50-59 • 4; 60-69 • 9; 70-79 • 18, 80+ • 4274
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/14/2020)39

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)9,699
Cleveland Cases5,244
Total Cuyahoga County Cases14,943
Combined New Cases (since Friday, Aug 14, 3-day average: 26.7 – no new data from Cuyahoga)80
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 512
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/14/2020)244

State of Ohio (as of 2PM)

New Cases in the Last 24-Hours 775
21 Day Average of New Cases1,137
Total Cases109,062
Age Range all Cases<1-109
Median Age of all Cases42
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)12,319, or 11%
Total Hospitalizations last 24 hrs83
21 Day Average of Hospitalizations 97
Median Age of all Hospitalized64
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)2,787, or 3 %
Total ICU Admissions last 24 hours15
21 Day Average of ICU Admissions 15
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 12,167, 11%
Total Tested in Ohio1,843,274
Total Deaths  3,823 or 4%
Median Age of Deaths 80
Deaths in Last 24 hours 6
21 Day Average of Deaths 23
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/14/2020)2,128

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811