Community Updates Week of 9/13/2021

Calm, Proactive Preparedness

September 13, 2021: Brief Update to Residents

Independent Living Resident COVID Case

We did have an Independent Living resident that tested positive for COVID yesterday. This case is unrelated to the cases in the Stephens Care Center. This resident and spouse have been isolated to their independent living cottage until cleared, following guidance from Lorain County Public Health. Meals and other supports are being provided during this time.

Staff Testing Over the Weekend and Today

As of this writing, 129 of our staff members have been tested for COVID, as part of our orchestrated response to the SCC cases detected over the weekend. All staff tested so far have tested negative for COVID. All SCC residents and SCC staff, as well as Independent Living Waitstaff, Housekeepers, Facility Services staff, Receptionists and other staff with routine resident contact will be tested twice per week until we have gone two full weeks with no additional positive results detected. 

This Morning’s Power Outage

Kendal at Oberlin experienced an electrical power outage this morning at approximately 8:30am, as the result of damaged fuses in our switch gear assembly caused by a mink. The Facility Services team, led by Jon Hall and Ken Menefee, contacted South Shore Electric immediately to assure that a prompt repair was made. At 11:55am, South Shore Electric was able to restore power to the community.  It should be noted that our back-up generator initially failed to run continuously. Jon was able to communicate with our contractor, WW Williams, and they suggested adding more coolant to the unit. The generator turned on right away and stayed on throughout the outage. One more thing to note is that Doug McMillan informed me this morning that FirstEnergy will be performing additional repairs to their system requiring a citywide power outage in October. This outage will take place between midnight and 4am.  Doug will confirm the date soon. We would like to install the “plug and go” generator adaptor at this time to avoid having a condition where our generator does not turn on. 

Yesterday’s Zoom Meeting

Many residents have asked for a link to yesterday’s Zoom Meeting that provided an update on the recent COVID Cases in the Stephens Care Center.  We are working on creating that link and will provide a summary in our regular Tuesday update tomorrow.  We are happy to report that everyone is doing fine so far.

Look for complete statistics in tomorrow’s regular weekly update, as usual.