Community Updates Week of 9/6/2021

COVID Boosters and High Dosage Flu Vaccines Are Coming!

Independent Living

Kendal at Oberlin is partnering with CVS Pharmacy in Oberlin to provide COVID Booster Vaccine and High Dosage Flu Vaccines for Independent Living residents on two separate upcoming dates. The COVID Booster Vaccine Clinics will take place at the end of September and the High Dosage Flu Vaccine Clinics will be provided in mid-late October.  As soon as we have dates confirmed, we will announce them.

In the meantime, immunocompromised individuals may schedule a COVID Booster vaccination by individual appointments at Discount Drug Mart or CVS in Oberlin (local pharmacies not authorized to do mass COVID Booster Clinics).  If you would like to get your COVID Booster sooner and you are immunocompromised, you may do the following:

Stephens Care Center and Kendal at Oberlin Staff Members

The Ohio Department of Health will be announcing their plan later this week for providing the COVID Booster to Assisted Living/Nursing Home residents and all staff members at communities such as Kendal at Oberlin.  As soon as we have a date when this will be provided, we will announce it.  Additionally, supplies have been ordered for the annual flu vaccination for all Kendal at Oberlin staff members and SCC residents through our institutional pharmacy, Remedi.  We expect these vaccines to be available in mid-late October.  

Ohio Adds 3,944 new COVID-19 Cases on Labor Day

The Chronicle-Telegram

The Ohio Department of Health reported 3,944 new cases of COVID-19 across the state Monday, the lowest number of new cases reported on a single day since a week prior. Over the previous 21 days, an average of 4,551 new coronavirus cases had been reported, statewide, daily. Among the new Ohio cases reported Monday were 3,393 confirmed by testing and 551 labeled probable, which is a designation that included patients who tested positive with just an antigen test and those who had COVID-19 symptoms and were exposed to a confirmed case. Lorain County accounted for 157 of Ohio’s new COVID-19 cases reported Monday. The county also had three newly reported hospitalizations related to the virus, according to state health data.

Statewide, current trends data from the Ohio Department of Health shows 61 hospitalizations related to the virus reported Monday, below the 21-day average of 161 reported daily. Five intensive care unit admissions for COVID-19 also were reported Monday, compared to a 21-day average of 16 per day.

Still, data showed Ohio had an increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients in the hospital…

As Experts Debate Boosters, Vaccinated People Are Calling Their Own Shots

The Washington Post

Kavita Patel, a primary care physician at Mary’s Center in the District, routinely throws away perfectly good doses of coronavirus vaccine. When she opens a new multidose vial, any shots that don’t go into arms that day have to be discarded.  In recent days, she was tempted to do something different: use one of those soon-to-be wasted doses to boost her own immunity.  It might seem a no-brainer, but nothing is simple when it comes to coronavirus vaccine boosters. The Biden administration’s coronavirus task force wants to roll out boosters the week of Sept. 20. Too soon, some experts have declared. Not soon enough, others say. Meanwhile, officials at the Food and Drug Administration, which has regulatory authority over such matters, have warned the White House they may need to limit the boosters, initially, to people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine because they have not yet received the data they need to make decisions on Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine boosters…..But the booster plan is not a done deal: It requires approval from the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two top FDA regulators in recent days announced their departure later this year. An FDA advisory committee is expected to discuss the booster plan — specifically the Pfizer-BioNTech shot — in a Sept. 17 meeting. After that, the FDA will decide whether to approve the booster, and a CDC advisory committee will weigh in. Administration officials concede the eight-month timeline is somewhat arbitrary and could be altered. Biden recently floated the possibility of speeding up the process, with boosters as early as five months after completion of the initial two-dose regimen.

SAVE THE DATE – Health Services Forum on Wednesday, September 22 at 4 PM

Our Quarterly Health Services Forum returns this September 22, at 4 PM, on Zoom.  Our topics will include:

  • Supports for Neighbors in Need / How the Continuum of Care Works
  • Building Mental Health Resiliency
  • COVID Boosters
  • Q and A with our Medical Director

Our Zoom Link for the Health Services Forum:

Don’s Article Gems:

New COVID Variant “MU”

Here’s a disconcerting report about a new COVID variant call “Mu” that appears to evade the protection of current vaccines.

Breakthrough Cases

This report cites an article in The Lancet which showed that breakthrough cases were twice as likely to be asymptomatic as unvaccinated cases.  The authors discussed public health implications and the need for vaccinated people to practice good prevention methods. Interestingly, it was people over 60 that showed the highest number of breakthrough cases that were asymptomatic.

Treatment for Early Symptoms of COVID

MDEdge reports that Pfizer is in mid-to-late stage trials of its oral antiviral drug to treat outpatients with early symptoms of COVID. Preliminary tests showed that it was effective. Other companies are in early to mid-trials of rival antivirals.

Moderna Being Studied on Humoral Immunogenicity

JAMA published a research letter describing a study that found that the Moderna vaccine performed better than the Pfizer vaccine in terms of producing humoral immunogenicity:

“This study demonstrated a significantly higher humoral immunogenicity of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccine (Moderna) compared with the BNT162b2 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech), in infected as well as uninfected participants, and across age categories. The higher mRNA content in mRNA-1273 compared with BNT162b2 and the longer interval between priming and boosting for mRNA-12733 (4 weeks vs 3 weeks for BNT162b2) might explain this difference.”

Debate Continues on COVID Booster Shot

Medscape published information on the ongoing debate about the COVID booster shot, the administration’s deadline for starting it and the reaction from the CDC, FDA and ACIP. The consequences of getting the shot before full approval are more legal than health effects, but even untoward health consequences can’t be completely ruled out by the CDC until all the data is analyzed, and that may take months.

Mc Knight Articles

Barbara Thomas recently was asked to give a presentation on a LeadingAge webinar featuring the experience of having a breakthrough case. That led to two articles being written in McKnight’s News for long term care providers.

Independent Living Visitors to the Stephens Care Center

In order to protect our Stephens Care Center (SCC) residents, it is vital when visiting your friends and neighbors residing there that you remember to be health screened before visiting.  Please use the self-serve Accushield kiosk in the Friends Gallery before entering the SCC. Once you pass the health screening, the Accushield will print a sticker pass with your name and the date of the health screening.  You must wear this sticker pass along with a medical grade face mask when visiting in the SCC. This is important as a COVID precaution, as well as state and federal law for our licensed care setting. Independent Living visitors to the SCC are welcome seven days a week, 9am – 5pm.  Due to the current high COVID positivity rate in Lorain County and beyond, visitors from off campus are now scheduling through Sign-Up Genius for outdoor tent visits. To access the Sign-up Genius, use this link:  Please contact Michele Tarsitano-Amato at with any questions about our current SCC visitation protocols.  Thank you!

Wed. Sept. 1 at 4 pm: Carol Conti-Entin Photography ExhibitIf you missed Carol’s wonderful photography talk, you can watch it using the YouTube link.

Dental Information

For those of you that needed to make a change in dentist due to Dr. Jacko closing his Oberlin practice, some may be interested to know his dental hygienist Nancy Wilson now works in the office of Dr. Petrill at 57 S. Main St. near the Oberlin City Library.

Speaking of going to the dentist, sharing this cute story

“When my son was 4, he saw a commercial that said “brushing alone is not enough to prevent cavities and tooth decay” so he made us start brushing our teeth with him. It’s been 3 years. Nobody tell him, please.”

Dining Updates

We’ve had a request to make Gary Olin’s piece on dining matters more broadly available. It is on the bulletin board and near the library, but you can also read it here using this link:  

Did You Ask About Volunteering in Dining Services?

Monica reports that residents have asked how they can help out in Dining. Currently, one daily task easily done by willing hands happens between 2-3:30pm – setting up napkins and silverware, refilling salt and pepper containers and filling sugar bowls. Monica estimates it would be no more than 30-45 minutes. Just connect with Dining Services if you’re interested.

Griffith Sealcoat Plans at Kendal

Watch for dedicated communication on plans for next week when the Heiser Circle and apartment building parking lots have their sealcoat work completed.

SCC Council

Please note that the SCC Council Meeting is on Wednesday, September 8th.

Resident Volunteers Needed to Assist In The Stephens Care Center

We are often asked what residents can do to assist in these unprecedented times.  Nursing and Dining staffing levels are often challenging these days and resident volunteers to help in the following areas and times would be welcomed.  We have had a couple of volunteers contact Sue- THANK YOU!

Today’s Statistics

Kendal at Oberlin (KaO)

Independent Living Resident Cases0
Stephens Care Center (SCC) Resident Cases 
          Residential Care Facility 2
          Skilled Nursing Facility0
KaO Residents Total2
     KaO SCC Staff Cases16
     KaO Other Staff Cases 21
KaO Staff Total37
Kendal at Oberlin Total39
***In Quarantine, COVID Positive1
Kendal at Oberlin Vaccination Overall Rate539 of 567, or 95.1%
Total Kendal Residents Vaccinated 347 of 347 or 100%
Total Kendal Staff Vaccinated (this number will go up with staff getting vaccinated and hiring, it will go down with staff attrition)192 of 220, or 87.3%

Lorain County (as of 9/7/2021)

New Cases (since Monday, August 31, 2021 – 8 day average: 89.8 per day)718
Total Lorain County Cases  22,585
Total in Zip Code 44074 (+11 since Monday, August 30, 2021)625
Current Lorain County Positivity Rate, rising10.4%
Total Deaths, age ranges 20-29 • 1; 30-39 • 3; 40-49 • 7; 50-59 • 22; 60-69 • 75; 70-79 • 141; 80+ • 213462
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 8/25/2021, +1)239
Lorain County Vaccinations Started 174,864 or 56.4% of population

Cuyahoga County (as of 9/7/2021)

Cuyahoga County (excluding Cleveland)          89,759
Cleveland Cases 35,280
Total Cuyahoga County Cases125,039
New Cases (since Monday, August 30, 2021)            1,943
Total Cuyahoga County Deaths 2,451
Total Deaths in Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 9/1/2021)871

State of Ohio (as posted on 9/7/2021)

New Cases in the Last 24-hours  4,876
21-day Average of New Cases4,629
Total Cases 1,262,018
Age Range all Cases<1-111
Median Age of all Cases41
Total Hospitalizations (cumulative)66,982 or 5%
Total Hospitalizations Last 24-hours241
21-day Average of Hospitalizations 162
Median Age of all Hospitalized66
Total ICU Admissions (cumulative)8,967 or 1% 
Total ICU Admissions last 24-hours 24
21-day Average of ICU Admissions 16
Total Health Care Workers Diagnosed 69,552 6%
Total Tested in Ohio15,236,106
Total Ohio Resident Deaths21,020
Median Age of Deaths 79
Ohio Resident Deaths in Last 24-hours73
21-day Average of Deaths18
Total Deaths in Ohio Long Term Care Settings (updated weekly, last 9/1/2021 – ODH adjusted this number) 7,722
Statewide Vaccinations Started6,131,151 or 52.5% of population

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811