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From our CEO: Kendal at Oberlin is Re-accredited

CARF-CCAC Accreditation logoThis story, condensed from an article written by Barbara Thomas, appears in the November issue of The Kendalight. Accreditation by CARF-CCAC is an assurance of quality and stability for continuing care retirement communities, such as Kendal at Oberlin.

In August, Kendal at Oberlin hosted three volunteer surveyors from CARF-CCAC (Continuing Care Accreditation Commission). The result was the renewal of KatO’s accreditation for a five-year term (to mid-2017) as a Continuing Care Retirement Community; Person-Centered Long-Term Care Community; and Dementia Care Specialty Program. The final report, available in the Kendal at Oberlin library, gives full details of the successful process and outcome. KatO received five exemplary ratings based on our financial performance with ratios in the 75th or higher percentile compared with other accredited communities.

Generations United - Top 5 Intergeneration CommunityKatO’s long list of strengths is detailed in the report. Many of these strengths have been part of our 19-year history, but some were new, such as the Board’s commitment to using e-Governance tools. KatO’s promotion of intergenerational experiences on campus and off was noted; Oberlin was named as one of five top Intergenerational communities across the U.S., and Kendal at Oberlin was named a Program of Distinction by Washington, DC-based Generations United.

KatO was recognized for significant engagement and participation of those it serves by way of decision-making and input. It was also recognized for its strong retention of staff, competitive wages and benefits and a focus on person-centered programming to assure quality of life for residents. KatO was pleased to be offered team consultation in seven areas that are optional ways to improve our operations.

Intergeneration activities at Kendal at OberlinThis year’s report now offers a Benchmarking Comparison of Kendal at Oberlin against other communities that receive a Five-Year Accreditation, Three-Year, One-Year or nonaccreditation. Accreditation reports now include bar graphs that show Kendal at Oberlin to be 100% in conformance to the standards under:Leadership; Legal Requirements; Governance; Input from Stakeholders; Financial Planning and Management; Legal Requirements; Human Resources; Technology; Rights of Persons Served; Accessibility; Information Management and Measurement; and Performance Improvement. The standards under Health and Safety received a rating of 99.6% with a recommendation to consider ways to account for all evacuees from the Heiser Community Center since we have many public programs that attract the larger community.

Thanks to all our board, resident and staff representatives who helped achieve this outstanding result.

Barbara Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

Kendal at Oberlin