Kendal Northern Ohio Partners with Link-age

Kendal Northern Ohio affiliates have partnered with Link-age, a member-owned corporation focused solely on helping organizations succeed in the aging population marketplace. Link-age is made up of more than 500 senior living communities in 16 states that serve approximately 350,000 adults, providing our members and customers unparalleled purchasing power and research access. Link-age comprises three integrated companies.

Link-age Solutions is member-owned group purchasing entity for companies that cater to the aging population. Solutions members enjoy significant cost savings, best practice counsel and networking opportunities with other members in the senior living industry.

Link-age Connect gathers research on the aging population and uses it to educate companies that are or could be catering to that market. Connect experts conduct proprietary research with our member populations to provide members and non-members with actionable business insights. This research serves as an adjunct to the customers’ existing research and researchers.

Link-age Ventures invests in companies providing products, services or technology to the aging population. Ventures offers members income diversification through investments in companies marketing to the 55-plus market, and the opportunity to validate products under development.


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