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Leadership Development Scholarship Created

The Kendal Northern Ohio Board Dinner is the annual event in which board members of Kendal at Oberlin, Kendal at Home, Senior Independence, and Kendal Northern Ohio who have completed…

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Photographer Robert Studzinski Exhibits at Kendal Gallery

On Wednesday, March 18th “Eyewitness on a Path Less Taken” an exhibit of the works of photographer, Robert Studzinski, opened in the Kendal Gallery.  The show runs through May 17, 2015.…

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Opera Comes to Kendal – “Strawberry Fields” Forever!

It’s not unusual for Oberlin Conservatory faculty and students to stage an opera. But this time, they did so with “a little help from some friends!” Bringing together Oberlin Conservatory…

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At Kendal…Bette Davis On The Edge

Coming to Kendal at Oberlin is Bette Davis as you never knew her.

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Kendal Residents Appreciate Oberlin’s History

Our friends at the Oberlin Heritage Center are here often, as the Kendal auditorium is frequently the site for their presentations about the history of our region. And many Kendal…

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Kendal Residents Interviewed for New York Times Article

Larry and Arlene Dunn chose to move to Kendal at Oberlin in large part because of their love for music. The community’s proximity to Oberlin College and the Oberlin Conservatory…

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Iris Krasnow Discusses “Sex After…” at Kendal

Iris Krasnow is the bestselling author of “Surrendering to Yourself,” “Surrendering to Marriage,” “Surrendering to Motherhood,” “The Secret Lives of Wives” and “I am My Mother’s Daughter.” She’ll speak at Kendal…

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Kendal Early Learning Center is Awarded Five Star Rating

The Kendal Early Learning Center (KELC), located within the walls of Kendal at Oberlin, has always received rave reviews from parents, volunteers and visitors. Now The State of Ohio has…

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Kendal at Oberlin Hosts Delegation from Japan

On Wednesday, March 19th, Kendal at Oberlin, along with representatives of Kendal at Home, hosted a delegation from Japan representing the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), a leading think-tank in that…

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