Planning a Move to a Retirement Community?

HouseMaybe the time is now. You’re a planner. You look to the future, explore your options, weigh your choices and make an educated decision about how to live your retirement years. But did you know that when you put that plan in place is critical?

Timing is everything.

The number of adults aged 65 and older continues to grow, and as the baby boomers cross that threshold of 65, the growth becomes significantly higher. This means the demand for senior living communities will increase, and there are fewer communities being built today. If there is a decline in available options, cost will surely increase.

In addition, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce new home starts continued to grow throughout 2012.  While home sales are also expected to rise, home prices are not expected to rise significantly. New housing is good  for the economy, but it also provides competition for older homes. New homes will have better energy efficiency, with windows, insulation, heating and cooling. There will also be built-in technology, which is becoming more important to today’s home buyer.

Calender Images0017It is probable that low mortgage rates will continue in 2013. This along with home sales rising may be the time to consider selling your home.  Even if your home is paid for, there is that invisible mortgage that includes real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, utilities, etc.  Compare remaining in your home with the advantages a retirement community could offer.  You’ve planned for the future, but perhaps the best choice is now.

Selling your home requires advice from good resources.  Consider using a realtor, who recently sold a home in your neighborhood, and request opinions from three different realtors.  Also request that they provide a competitive market analysis, with recent comparable sales; a marketing plan, with specific objectives; a list of needed fix-ups, with estimates of costs; and a projected sale price for a 90 day sale.

Successful aging is engagement in life, continued learning, access to high quality wellness programs and health care, socialization and security.  A full life now with freedom and peace of mind for your years ahead could be the Kendal at Oberlin community.  Remember…timing is everything.