One of the Safest Places You Can Be

The term “safe and sound” has a new meaning today. And it should.

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Safety Takes on New Meaning

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, many older adults are more concerned than ever about their overall health and safety.

Planning ahead for a move to a senior living campus may feel overwhelming and at times scary. But if you ask the residents of Kendal at Oberlin, who are living here through the pandemic, a senior living community may be one of the safest places to be.

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Moving to Kendal at Oberlin

At Kendal at Oberlin, the safety and wellbeing of residents have always been our top priority.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, our staff has taken an “all hands on deck” approach to ensure everyone who calls Kendal at Oberlin home remains safe, feels secure and continues to live a vibrant life. Hear from our residents and team about what we are doing now.

Despite shutdowns, you have kept our vibrant Kendal life going. We appreciate all your efforts to keep us COVID-free.

How We Are Staying Safe & Vibrant

Meal & Grocery Delivery

“Safety has been our first priority so we developed a no-touch resident meal delivery system. Residents are given a complete daily menu to choose from and submit their choices. The meals are packaged to order and then delivered to the resident’s door.

For larger grocery orders, we have formed a partnership with the local IGA grocery store …We have a similar program with the local Drug Mart and beverage store!”

-Greg Zehe, Director of Hospitality Services

Activities & Socialization

“Once gatherings were drastically limited, residents immediately sought safe means to continue engaging in music, lifelong learning and wellness activities.

It meant using technology or seeking new approaches that involved safe distancing. ‘Bubbles’ were introduced to allow individuals who might otherwise be alone to have Kendal ‘family’ with whom to socialize.”

-Terry Kovach, Assistant Marketing Director

Home Maintenance & Delivery Services

“All staff are wearing masks and practicing social distancing while performing work in residents’ homes. Our transportation staff works with the dining staff to deliver resident meals on campus every day. Transportation staff is also picking up groceries seven days a week from IGA and Walmart as residents place their orders online.”

-Ryan Stalzhowski, Assistant Director of Facility Services


“One of the greatest gifts, one without which we could never have navigated these unprecedented times, has been technology – some kinds that we were already familiar with, like cell phones, FaceTime, and Skype. And some we had never heard of before, like Zoom, which suddenly, out of nowhere, became a central part of our lives.”

-Resident Robert Taylor


“We are using grounds and maintenance staff to cover the main entrance 7 days a week 24 hours a day. They monitor and screen everyone coming in and out of Kendal for the safety of all.”
– Ryan Stalzkowski, Assistant Director of Facility Services

“They (grounds and maintenance team) are making sure no one who is not authorized or not screened is allowed to enter our campus. An enormous job, which they have handled with patience and good cheer. And which has gone a long way toward keeping us as safe.”
-Resident Robert Taylor


“Absolutely essential has been our resident volunteers! Pitch in they certainly have done, with daily trips around our neighborhoods, dropping off packages and alerting us with a cheerful ring of our doorbells. Other residents agreed to pick up and deliver newspapers for their neighbors. And others stepped up to deliver mail to those in quarantine. Service and generosity on a grand scale!”

-Resident Robert Taylor

On-Campus Health Care Center

“From the beginning of the pandemic, our focus has been on calm, proactive preparedness. This meant careful sourcing of PPE – preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

Emphasis was placed on protecting the most vulnerable residents within the community by minimizing potential exposure of all community members, both residents and staff. And, we have not lost sight of the need to nurture emotional health, seeking ways to engage and connect people safely with loved ones.”
-Terry Kovach, Assistant Marketing Director

Social Distancing the Kendal Way

“We are so grateful for all of the love and support that we have gotten from staff and residents.”

“Thank you for creativity, friends, our safe community, and our dedicated staff.”

“We are grateful to be safe, alive, well, well-fed and well-taken-care-of!”

“Thank you all at Kendal for a wonderful safe place of beauty and good friends.”

“Despite shutdowns, you have kept our vibrant Kendal life going.”

How Can We Help You?

Are you interested in moving to Kendal at Oberlin in the future?

Fantastic! We will be happy to talk with you! Due to current visitor restrictions for the safety of all, we have set up two options for virtual visits that you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Already planning a move, but now have questions?

We understand! We are here to answer questions that arise due to this changing environment. Feel free to reach out anytime by contacting us online or giving us a call.

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“We will never return to what we were. There will be a new normal, but we will always keep a sense of who Kendal is.”

– Charlotte, resident & member of the Kendal at Oberlin New Normal Committee