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Community Update for week of 8/22/2022


by the Ohio Department of Health this summer for a job WELL DONE, especially in the midst of all the challenges we have faced!  Great Job Kendal Team! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Stacy Terrell, with any questions or concerns you may have about the Ohio Department of Health Survey process

Making a Difference with Technology


is back at it. He made a hand prototype for E-Nable, was approved as a volunteer and is waiting for his first assignment.   Meanwhile, the pandemic is keeping him busy. When he heard that the Kendal staff were having trouble with some cloth face masks not fitting tight enough or too tight he created

Community Update for Week of 2/13/2023


Update to residents on 2/14/2023 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Good News: NO recent Covid cases at Kendal at Oberlin We’re happy to report that there have been no new Covid cases at Kendal at Oberlin in the last two weeks. Still, per CDC recommendations, masks remain required for all staff and visitors

Community Updates for week of 8/8/2022


Update to Residents 8/9/2022 Coffee Hour Coffee Hour will be on Wednesday, August 10, at 9:30 AM in the Fox & Fell. As of press time, we plan to be in person but will also offer the opportunity to join via KOTV and Zoom: https://kendal-org.zoom.us/j/87479090692. (That’s Meeting ID 874 7909 0692

Community Update for week of 4/17/2023


Update to residents on 4/18/2023 “Kendal Family News” We’ve been part of the Kendal family for more than 30 years if you consider we were under development with The Kendal Corporation since 1987 and opened in 1993. The family has grown a lot since then and when there is news about the family

Community Update for Week of 7/25/2022


Update to residents on 7/26/2022 Afternoon Exchange on ZOOM and KOTV ONLY- with Guest Host, Stacy Terrell Wednesday, July 27, at 4 PM we will not meet in person in the auditorium but instead use ZOOM and KOTV. Here is the Zoom link: https://kendal-org.zoom.us/j/86578041875  Meeting ID: 865 7804

Community Update for the Week of 7/18/2022


remains of the pandemic and faced many major historical moments, and despite if not because of them, together, we emerged stronger. During this time, we – the Kendal family – found strength in each other and in those around us. Guided always by our values, we rose to challenges by bringing new

Community Updates for Week of 5/2/2022


) FAMILIAR and new faces coming back to the Fitness Center. Other Announcements Friendly reminder on How to Detail Your Address for Deliveries to Kendal When you arrange for a delivery to Kendal, be sure to use 600 Kendal Drive AND your Unit number. With 50 or more packages being delivered

Community Update for Week of 9/12/2022


Update to Residents on 9/13/2022 Survey to be sent out to determine how may Independent Living Residents will be getting their Next COVID Booster Here at Kendal at Oberlin CVS in Oberlin is partnering with Kendal in providing the next COVID Booster Clinic. We are looking at dates in the first week