Nursing Care

Kendal at Oberlin’s Stephens Care Center

Focus on Excellence in Care

Quality care is the foundation of the priceless peace-of-mind that comes from living in a life plan community. Kendal at Oberlin’s Stephens Care Center includes 5-star rated nursing care, offered in private suites.

Planning for Future Needs

When considering a life plan community, you’re looking closely at the engaged lifestyle you plan to enjoy once you make the move. And you are also planning for the future by choosing a community that can address health care needs that may develop later. All Kendal at Oberlin residence and care agreements that begin in independent living include some degree of future long term care.

If or when health challenges arise, residents can be assured that Kendal at Oberlin’s Stephens Care Center will provide high-quality, person-centered services. Whether that means a short-term rehabilitation stay, or a long term stay to help you live the most resilient life possible, the focus is always on the individual needs of each resident. The Stephens Care Center offers memory support in our Jameson House, assisted living and nursing care services.

Skilled Nursing Care

The skilled nursing area provides the highest level of care that Kendal at Oberlin offers. The Stephens Care Center has 12 private suites licensed for skilled nursing care. These are typically used for short-term rehabilitation stays and may include Medicare-covered services. These spaces are also used for hospice-based end-of-life care.

Licensed Residential Care Facility (RCF)

Kendal has 67 private spaces that are licensed to provide a range of supportive services, including the 12 accommodations within the Jameson House. When long term care is needed, these suites are located right on the same campus as your cottage or apartment, and in proximity to your friends and neighbors throughout the community. Stephens Care Center residents still have access to campus dining rooms, wellness resources and programs organized by the Kendal at Oberlin Residents Association.

Personal care services can range from daily assistance with one or more activities of daily living, to full nursing care support (not covered by Medicare).

There are 4 tier levels for services in the Residential Care Facility. Our staff uses a consistent assessment tool to evaluate individual needs and determine the appropriate level of service. For residents with Gold and Silver residence and care agreements, which include periods when there is a discounted daily rate for services, these tier level assessments determine those fees. For residents with Platinum (comprehensive) agreements, fees do not change when the level of care changes.

Coordination of Care Services

An interdisciplinary care team, working closely with residents and their families, helps you decide when a stay in the Stephens Care Center may be helpful. Once that decision is made, our social services team coordinates transitions from one level of service to another. They assist residents and their families with these important changes.

Our staff undergoes continuous training to provide quality care. A registered nurse-manager is on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Creative Arts Therapy programming includes opportunities for music, art and learning.

The Importance of Planning

You know it’s important to consider future needs when making your retirement plans. Who will provide care when needed? How much will it cost? Can I make a plan now, so my children or loved ones don’t have to shoulder that burden later? By moving to Kendal at Oberlin, you are making those important decisions early. And that can bring you great peace of mind today and tomorrow.

You can be assured that you will have the personalized, professional care that fits your needs as long as you are a resident of the Kendal at Oberlin community.

If you or a loved one have an immediate need for assisted living or short-term nursing care and want to know about direct admissions to the Stephens Care Center, contact Kim Preston at 440-935-0574.