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Career Opportunities

Founded with Quaker principles since our opening in 1993, Kendal at Oberlin is a vital and growing Life Plan Community welcoming older adults of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, secular, and religious backgrounds. Current hiring opportunities include receptionist, cook, housekeeper, fitness specialist, Early Learning Center teacher, nurse, and STNAs.

Kendal at Oberlin’s Commitment to Diversity

Beginning Kendal’s next 25 years, our values of equality, mutual respect, and integrity call us to become more culturally inclusive. We will increase our efforts to attract and involve aging individuals from the greater communities around us.

Using our resources and talents to grow diversity and inclusiveness among our residents, employees, and board, we believe Kendal at Oberlin will thrive in greater ways to be a vital place for older adults to live and for employees to work in harmony and purpose. 

Spirit of Inclusion and a Culture of Diversity

This video from The Kendal Corporation illustrates the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Kendal at Oberlin requires staff to be vaccinated and boosted for COVID and influenza.

Kendal at Oberlin’s Commitment to Integrity

Kendal at Oberlin’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

Care Excellence

Our most important job is providing quality care to our residents.  We do this by offering compassionate support to our residents and work towards the best possible outcomes while complying with all applicable rules and regulations.

Professional Excellence

The professional, responsible, and ethical behavior of every employee reflects on the reputation of our community and the services we provide.  All employees are expected to maintain Kendal at Oberlin’s standards of honesty, integrity, and professional excellence every day.

Regulatory Excellence

Kendal at Oberlin is obligated and committed to follow federal, state, and local laws governing our business.  We are all responsible for learning and staying current in order to perform our job responsibilities. Our success depends on everyone’s commitment to act with integrity, both personally and as part of Kendal at Oberlin.

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