Roadmap to Residency

At Kendal at Oberlin

Moving to a new home is not an easy task. But it can mean an exciting new beginning.

When moving to a smaller house located miles away, the experience can be even more stressful. If you are considering moving to Kendal at Oberlin, we want to help you navigate the road to Oberlin, Ohio, with as much ease as possible. 

Consider this your roadmap to residency with us, and please allow ample time for an enjoyable journey. (Interesting note – the average time from inquiry to move-in for cottages and apartments is about 3 years.)

Your Roadmap:

Welcome to Kendal at Oberlin 

Whether “word of mouth” or another avenue has brought you to this juncture, we’re glad you are here!

About 40% of our current residents have some affiliation with Oberlin College (alumni, former staff or faculty) and heard about Kendal via their alumni magazine or during a college reunion at Oberlin.

Many others heard about us from our current residents, who are engaged in a variety of activities. They are not shy about telling others how happy they are to be living in a life plan community!

Explore the Website 

On the Kendal at Oberlin website, you can find:

You can find out what’s for lunch and dinner as well as learn more about all of the activities at Kendal and in Oberlin. The residents’ monthly newsletter, Kendalight, provides more details about events, programs and new residents. Kendal has more than 100 resident-led committees and sub-groups, from jazz listening and writing to woodshop and horticulture.

Schedule a Tour 

Elizabeth Christman

There’s nothing like experiencing a new community up close and personal, which is what a tour will give you.

 Get a date on your calendar now.

Here are three highlights from our campus that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Health and fitness are key at Kendal! The wellness staff offers almost 70 hours of programming weekly, so residents have many opportunities to join a class or activity. Wellness amenities include:
    • Four-lane lap pool and therapy pool
    • 24/7 exercise equipment room with state-of-the-art machines
    • Designated room with natural light for yoga, tap dance, balance, and other classes
    • Outdoor tennis courts
    • Walking trail
  2. The Kendal campus includes 110 acres, featuring The John Bartram Arboretum. Our beautiful grounds include:
    • Eight ponds
    • More than 1,100 trees
    • Covered walkways
  3. A tour of a model cottage or apartment will help you envision home life at Kendal. Kendal offers three basic floor plans for independent living space:
    • Renovated classic cottages featuring a bright, four-season sunroom area, larger open kitchen and energy-efficient heating and cooling
    • Newer cottages built between 2006 and 2012, which are larger with a utility room and walk-in closets
    • Recently renovated apartments, conveniently located in the Heiser Community Center

Schedule a tour by filling out this form or calling 1-800-548-9469.

Stay Overnight 

After taking a campus tour, plan a Try It, You’ll Like It visit where you can stay on campus for a day or two to experience the Kendal at Oberlin lifestyle.

  • Meet residents and hear their stories on moving to Kendal at Oberlin
  • Attend activities and events, explore the campus grounds, and enjoy delicious meals
  • Ask questions and get the inside scoop on the best parts of living at Kendal at Oberlin

You Love It! Now What? 

You’ve put Kendal on your list of possible new homes (maybe at the top), and you want to learn more.

Become a Priority Member.

“This is the first step in the admissions process and is recommended for anyone giving serious consideration to entering our community,” explains Terry Kovach, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Becoming a Priority Member is easy and obligation-free. A person fills out a 2-page informational application, accompanied by a $1,000 deposit and a $200 processing fee (or $300 for a couple). The deposit can be refunded at any time or will be applied to the entry fee upon admission.

You will be asked two key questions to help our staff plan for prospective residents:

  1. What is the approximate year you might want to move to Kendal?
  2. What type of residence(s) interest you?

Priority Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including our new Priority Portal – your online home for a host of helpful resources, just for members:

  • Access to virtual classes from Kendal at Oberlin’s Lifelong Learning Committee.
  • Special events and news for members.
  • A digital room planner to help you envision your new home at Kendal.
  • Access to digital forms for easy application and submission.
  • And much more helpful information about joining the community.

In addition to the portal, Priority Members have many more benefits:

  • Receive The Kendalight by mail, the monthly newsletter of the Kendal at Oberlin Resident Association (KORA);
  • Annual Priority Member event at Kendal;
  • Annual financial updates, such as fee updates and disclosure statements;
  • Access to guest room rental, when available.

Apply for the Ready List.

Priority membership is the beginning of the application process. Joining the Ready list completes it. We ask you to complete three forms: personal health history (including authorization to obtain medical records); financial statement and personal information.

  1. Personal health history (including authorization to obtain medical records);
  2. Financial statement;
  3. Personal information.

Once the forms are completed and records obtained, an on-site admissions interview is scheduled. This is a great opportunity for applicants to ask questions of both staff and residents. You can read more about our financial and health criteria on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your visit will include:

  • Meetings with key staff members;
  • A thorough review of the contract;
  • A baseline health screening (including a cognitive status screening) with our nurse practitioner and more.

We’ll also arrange meals or meetings with residents, so you can meet some of your potential neighbors.

After the interview is complete, the Admissions Committee then reviews the application to see if all the requirements are met. Once approved, people are added to the Ready List and are contacted when we come to your name for the desired cottages or apartments you will consider.

On average, this wait time can be 18 months to 3+ years, depending on the size and type of accommodation. If you decline an offer for any reason, you will not be penalized.

Our staff always starts at the top of the list, and we work our way down. Keep in mind that you may need to plan ahead a little further if certain features are important to you, such as specific views, orientation or proximity to the community center.

Start Downsizing

Now that you have a floor plan in hand and can visualize your new home, it’s time to take stock of your possessions and start downsizing.

Moving to Kendal means you will be eating at least one meal a day in the dining room, so you won’t need as many cooking utensils. You’ll want to bring a bike, but not bulky exercise equipment, because Kendal has a fitness center.

We also have a library, garden and woodworking tools, art supplies, sewing machine and a rollaway bed for overnight guests. Artwork that you just can’t part with can be donated to the Art Committee to be considered for display somewhere on campus.

“I’m amazed how many people move first, downsize later,” says Ted Forthofer, a Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist TM and member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Keep in mind Ted’s maxim: Follow the OHIO rule – Only Handle It Once.

Don’t make the mistake of holding onto stuff to give to your children later. And don’t worry about getting rid of a lamp or clock that you may need someday. Kendal at Oberlin has a Resale Shop, which is an affordable, convenient way to buy furnishings and other items for your new home and donate items you no longer need.

Once Kendal notifies you that your desired housing is available and you agree to take it, it’s time to contact a realtor and plan your move!

Is Kendal at Oberlin your Dream Community? Start Making Your Dream a Reality Today!