Community Update for week of 5/22/2023

Update to residents on 5/23/2023

Afternoon Exchange Thursday at 4:00 pm

Come in person or on KOTV to hear the latest mini update on our current Stephens construction planning and the timeline established. Also, we’ll have Arlene Dunn and Ryan provide a Master Landscape Plan update.

Join in person in the auditorium or by a Zoom Meeting.

Scam Alert: You’re Probably Not That Lucky!

A resident notified me last week of receiving several calls announcing he had “won” the jackpot of a sweepstakes contest. To receive his prize all he had to do was share his bank account numbers to have it deposited to his account. The resident recognized this for the obvious fraud it was and hung up but continued to receive several calls from the same source since they had spoken once to him.  He finally blocked each call from his phone and the calls stopped.

Beware of this common scam! The odds of winning a sweepstakes for which one never registered is zero, and if a participant, no credible promotion will require one to give their personal bank account numbers, opening the door for theft.

A Pedestrian Safety Reminder: Watch Where You Walk on Kendal’s Campus

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. We all know this principle, but when cutting across parking lots or walking in the roadways to save a few steps instead of staying on the provided sidewalks can put us at risk for falls or near misses with cars and trucks having to navigate walkers where they should not be.  Vehicle drivers may not see a walker appearing suddenly in front of them, and walkers can’t move as fast as a car—even one obeying our 20mph speed limits! 

Last week from my office window I saw a resident with his dog walking in the middle of the Heiser Circle road while the sidewalk was empty and without obstacles.  Please think before deciding to take that shortcut.  Be a pedestrian role model and enjoy your strolls on our beautiful grounds this season…safely. –Toni Merleno, Risk Manager 

Dining Update

Greg Zehe, Director of Hospitality Services & Assoc. Administrator


The Langston will not be open for Breakfast on Memorial Day 5/29

Memorial Day Picnic Buffet $16.95

We are accepting reservation forms all this week and they are due by noon, Friday May 26th.

I am hearing that some residents are struggling to make their arrangements. If we can help you, please contact the Dining Room Office at 775-9801.

We make our entrées here

Increasingly, I am receiving We Care Connect surveys that reference our use of pre-prepared or convenience foods. Kendal continues to be a “scratch” kitchen, we don’t serve premade entrée’s we prepare them ourselves.

There are positives and negatives to this approach;

·         The positive of this approach and the main reason we do it is the control “scratch” cooking gives us over the ingredients and nutritional content of the dishes we serve. Most commercial convenience foods are formulated for good taste and to hold up for service, they are not concerned about the salt, fat, or food additives necessary to achieve this.

·         The downside is the difficulty of this approach. It requires a stable and well-trained staff to achieve consistency. Recipes are a guide, but without the correct staffing, dishes will inevitably vary as they are prepared by different people. The other difficulty centers on inventory management, a robust food production system has to be in place and managed.

Desserts are a different story! While we do have an in-house baker for our cakes, cookies and more, many of our desserts come frozen and ready to cut and serve. We do not have the equipment, or the pastry chef needed to produce these items here at Kendal.

Housekeeping/Laundry Update

Just to clarify, the resident windows facing the Courtyard Garden have not been completed yet and are scheduled for the next phase, June 5th-10th.  The plan is to complete them as part of the first day’s work. Thanks to the affected residents for their patience.

Other Announcements

Friendly reminder about CandooTech[PD1]

Have you connected with CandooTech services yet?  Our program allows for one 90-minute session, and unlimited quick support.  In the meantime, we have received and sorted survey responses to identify the topics for the next 5 group lessons and are working with CandooTech to get them scheduled. 

You can refer to your information packet for more detailed information on Candoo but here is your contact information to make a connection:

Phone – 646-758-6606  Email –

Pool and Fitness Updates

Family Swims Effective Immediately ARE BACK!    

7 days a week from 12:30-2:30pm, and 5:30-8:30pm.

Starting today, your adult family can join you in the Fitness Center during the DESIGNATED TIMES ONLY. Adult family means 15 and older. Residents and staff are required to accompany their family in the Fitness Center Spaces at all times. Your family must use an Accushield Kiosk to sign in and then when you sign into the space, you will put the number of family in attendance with you.  Accushield Kiosks can be found throughout Kendal. There is one just inside the west entry door to the Fitness Center area. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with the rules of the space, so that you can ensure that your family are following the rules of that area. Right now, family attendance is limited to individual use of the spaces. Classes are still for residents and staff only. If you have any questions, please contact the Fitness Center at 440-775-9851. As a reminder, “Fitness Center” means, the pool, the equipment room, and the fitness/relaxation room. New schedules can be found on the bulletin boards in the Fitness Center areas.


A bathing suit or a sweatshirt? When we did a deep clean of the pool area, we found LOTS of clothing and swimsuits. There is a lost and found box located outside the pool door. Please come and take a look. We also cleaned out the lockers and under the sinks in the locker rooms. There are many, many shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, soaps, etc. If you like to keep your toiletries under the sink, please make sure they are in a labeled bag or labeled toiletries bag. Anything medicated is not to be stored in a public use space, please.  At the end of the week, all items will be donated or disposed of. Speaking of the pool, have you tried a pool class yet?! They are fun, challenging, and will make your heart sing the song of good heart health. Give us a call to find the perfect class for you! 440-775-9851.


Governor Mike DeWine’s regular COVID Press Conferences:

KaO COVID STATISTICS as of5/23/2023 
KENDAL AT OBERLIN – COVID CASESIncrease since last weekCumulative since start of pandemic
Independent Living Resident Cases096
Stephens Care Center – Residential Care042
Stephens Care Center – Skilled Nursing04
   Residents Subtotal142
SCC Staff and Volunteer Cases0121
Other Staff Cases084
   Staff Subtotal205
Total Residents + Staff0347
Current # in Isolation, COVID Positive0
Total # of COVID, Beyond Isolation 386

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer, at 440-775-9811