COVID-19 Response: Frequently Asked Questions

Look here for Frequently Asked Questions from Kendal at Oberlin residents.

Questions related to “hard closure” of the campus:

With a “hard closure” at Kendal’s Maple/North Pleasant entrance, can I leave  campus to visit a friend, attend church, or pick up groceries? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We know what a sacrifice we are asking, but we need your help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We encourage that this time be used to connect by phone or online with friends or  to explore the many free online opportunities we have been sharing. We are hopeful to soon be offering a Zoom option for Kendal residents to  organize virtual activities/meetings as well as participate in Kendal-led exercises, all done right from your home. The weather will be getting nicer for outdoor walks on our perimeter path,  spring gardening, biking, pet walking, and social sings with neighbors across the yards/patios. Please maintain 6 feet separation between yourself and others, realizing that will not be possible for those sharing a home).

May we Gather with One or Two Kendal Friends in their Cottage/Apartment?

Such gatherings, as well meaning and intended as they are, defeat the purpose of social-distancing and puts each person at risk.  We have to keep distance from one another if we want to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19, a highly contagious and vicious virus.  Many people in the area are carriers with no symptoms, but are still spreading the virus.   We want everyone at Kendal to be safe.  We also want you to continue to maintain and nurture your rich relationships with others on campus, but not together.  This means not gathering in each other’s cottages or apartments.  This will require creativity and doing things differently, but we know we can do this.  One resident shared she was planning to keep a lunch date on the calendar by using FaceTime on her iPad.  So please, use the phone, use FaceTime and other technologies to remain in touch.  We are very sensitive to everyone’s need for socialization; this is a basic human need.  It will be up to all of us to be attentive good neighbors, making sure that we are staying connected virtually to our friends and neighbors at Kendal.

May We Walk Over to the New Russia Township Community Park?

In order to make Kendal the safe zone we intend, we need everyone to remain on Kendal property.  Every time someone leaves campus, they run the risk being in proximity with someone with COVID-19.  Please contain your walks on the Kendal campus.

Can I stay with family or Friends?

You may, but it is important that you know if you leave you will not be able to return to your Kendal home until the self-quarantine policy is lifted. This will be based on the circumstances in Lorain County, the status of “community spread” and the advice of the Lorain County Public Health.

Can my family or friends stay with me?

No, unfortunately. Exceptions would be made only under extraordinary circumstances, decided on a case-by-case basis and evaluated by our Clinical and Administrative team. Please notify either Barbara Thomas or Stacy Terrell if such a circumstance arises.

How long do you expect the self-quarantine to last?

No doubt, you have heard this question asked at every press conference on the COVID-19. No one knows, but these restrictions are being implemented to keep you and others on this campus healthy and to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are using resources provided by the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health and other public health entities to guide our practices. 

What about getting to the pharmacy?

You can be assured of drug deliveries. We have already urged you to sign up for Drug Mart delivery by calling Drug Mart directly (440.774.5212). They are prepared for this need. We are in discussion about other deliveries from Drug Mart as well. We are optimistic. While Kendal billing system may be different than a receipt carried out of the store, we need to reduce the complication this causes for Drug Mart during this pandemic by implementing added services.

What if I run out of groceries or other sundries?

While you may not leave campus to get groceries, we are putting in place as many resources as possible to be sure you are comfortable. A grocery list has been published for weekly deliveries and we are prepared to offer you more than a mid-day meal, if requested. Other options include ordering groceries online. Deliveries will be arranged to Heiser, but not to resident cottages/apartments, thereby increasing exposure. 

Can I do the things I usually do on campus such as getting my mail, taking out my trash, watering plants in community halls, posting an article or notice on the bulletin board, stopping in at the library for new books?

While unfortunately group activities and events are cancelled, please do continue these activities as much possible. Do not linger for conversations and please keep the social distance of 6 feet or more while moving along.  

Would I be able to leave Kendal for a routine medical appointment?

It depends but most “routine” appointments that can be delayed are being cancelled. We have received some requests for permission to get to cancer treatments, eye injections, consultations with surgeons, etc. These are being approved and are of critical importance to your health. Requests should be submitted in writing by email or note to Julie Carpenter R.N. Health and Wellness Clinic Nurse Manager, ( or 440.775.9819) who will respond in writing. If approved, this written approval can be presented at the Heiser Front Desk. Kendal is looking at a standard form to be submitted for use by residents/staff to simplify this.

I have an arrangement to manage my medications in my home. Can this continue?

Yes, if you currently have someone privately hired to help you with your medications (or other health-related services) they can still do so. They will need to sign in/out at Heiser, fill out our questionnaire and get their temperature taken to be cleared. Please note, if they present with a temperature higher than 99.0 degrees, they will be evaluated by our nursing team.

What do I do if my pet gets sick and needs to be seen by a vet?

It’s possible a local vet assistant would make a visit that we can approve as necessary. It would be best if you had a friend or family who could take your pet to the vet. If such a circumstance arises, contact the Health and Wellness Clinic (440.775.9819) for this arrangement.   If approved to leave the campus, please practice social distancing. 

What should I do if I think I am getting sick?

If you have symptoms of respiratory illness (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath) contact our Health and Wellness Clinic (440.775.9819) during the day hours and the Stephens Care Center in off hours (440.775.9800). Kendal will determine if we will come to see you or you will be seen in the Health and Wellness Clinic. If you are approved to leave the campus for a medical appointment, please wear a mask as you travel on campus and off campus. Wash hands frequently.

What about my car, if I am not driving it?

You are free to check on your car as often as you need to. It is OK if you feel you drive it every couple of days around the campus  If you need to start it to charge the battery, you may. It is suggested that you not run it more than 5-10 minutes and please do not leave your car running unattended.

What if my accountant needs to meet with me about my taxes?

Meeting on or off campus is not allowed per our quarantine policy. Already, a 90-day extension has been announced. In the meantime, consider the options of using the phone, FaceTime, or a Zoom meeting.

What is Kendal doing about construction workers?

Kendal is not starting any new projects. Other homes that are still in the midst of being completed for resident-signed contracts are being evaluated to accomplish completion. For those that have signed contracts, their homes have often been sold (or under contract to be sold) and have been assured of their accommodations by a given date. We want to meet our commitment while at the same time protect those living here.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact:

Stacy Terrell, Chief Health Services Officer

440-775-9811 or