Kendal at Oberlin Hosts Delegation from Japan

On Wednesday, March 19th, Kendal at Oberlin, along with representatives of Kendal at Home, hosted a delegation from Japan representing the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), a leading think-tank in that country. They are part of the Platinum Society, an association of members within MRI that promote social innovation by addressing 3 major concerns in Japan.

  1. Aging
  2. Environment
  3. Employment

The Platinum Society has 355 members and consists of 170 private companies and 188 local governments, central governments, universities & colleges and social business nonprofits.

A little background on the members of the delegation:  The group is led by Atsushi Hasegawa of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., the leading think-tank in Japan, and includes representatives from

  • 1 from Chubu University, a physical therapist;
  • 4 from Tokai University including a music therapist;
  • 2 from MOE holding, a nursing care service provider;
  • 1 from Yosami, a senior housing developer and operator;
  • 2 from NTT Urban Development, an urban developer
  • 4 from Recruit Sumai Company, a housing information provider
  • 2 from Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

EmikoThe delegates asked questions to Kendal staff about marketing, operations, health care services and about our relationship with Oberlin College. Representatives from the college  participated in the meetings, as did Kendal residents to tell them about community life. One of the interpreters for the group’s visit was Emiko Custer (pictured), a Kendal at Oberlin resident.

There is a relationship with our guests and those Japanese organizations interested in continuing care retirement communities tied to universities. There is also a relationship with the J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo. Kendal at Oberlin hosted students from that school last summer.

The Kendal Corporation has been in discussion with this group for a couple of years as they study Kendal’s successful strategies. In the past, Kendal at Oberlin also worked with the Samsung Corporation in Seoul, when they were planning to develop the first continuing care community in South Korea.