Kendal at Oberlin in the News: August -September 2021

Here is news coverage for Kendal at Oberlin, August- September, 2021

McKnight Senior Living: ‘Calm Preparedness’ Carries Community Through COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections

In this article Barbara Thomas, Kendal at Oberlin CEO shared insights into the communities “calm preparedness” mantra towards recent break through COVID infections. “It may mean we have to step back three to four steps before we move forward again, but we do it calmly because we learned and continue to learn,” she said. “We are learning together and will continue to change our practices to what makes the most sense because we are learning.”

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McKnight’s Long-Term Care News: New COVID Testing Shortages and Delays Evoke Comparisons to Earlier Pandemic Days

Barbara Thomas described testing shortages in Northeast Ohio and how they are affecting Kendal at Oberlin community. “I will say our supply of testing has got us concerned, and so we’re modifying some of those practices,” she said. “I’m being not-quite-so-liberal with testing. But when it comes to somebody unvaccinated, we will continue to test and PPE will continue to be in place.”

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