"Kendal Creates"...Art and More Art

On exhibit through August 14th, in all three Kendal Galleries, is “Kendal Creates,” the works of 50 resident artists.   The show includes over 120 pieces in numerous mediums, including painting in oil and acrylic, watercolors, drawings, photographs, lithographs, collage, ceramics, crewel, needlepoint, cross stitch, mobiles, papier-mache masks, knitting, glass and a brass rubbing. This is the largest “Kendal Creates” show ever.

The exhibit is amazingly cohesive in light of its diversity, and entices the viewer to see more by wandering from gallery to gallery. It is a visual feast, vibrant and engaging.

This show speaks to the talents, creativity and accomplishments of Kendal residents whether artist by vocation or avocation.

Kendal Quilts in Conjunction with FAVA’s Biennial Quilt Show

In addition, there are 15 distinctive quilts, designed and made by Kendal resident artists that are hanging in the Kendal Gallery. This is in conjunction with Firelands Association for the Visual Arts 17th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Quilts, “Artist as Quiltmaker”, which runs through July 31st.

The “Kendal Creates” exhibit is located in the galleries at Kendal at Oberlin ~ 600 Kendal Drive ~ Oberlin, Ohio.

The “Artist as Quiltmaker” exhibit is located in the New Union Center for the Arts ~ 39 South Main Street ~ Oberlin, Ohio.

Both exhibits are free and open to the public.