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Photography by Richard Baznik at Kendal at Oberlin

Currently showing in the Friends Gallery at Kendal at Oberlin is a retrospective show, As I See It, the works of Richard Baznik from the past quarter century. During most of that time he chose to concentrate on black and white images, producing them using film and wet-chemistry processes that are now seldom used. Almost all these images are black and white, produced using this method.

A Nearly Lifelong Interest in Photography

Richard explained, “My involvement with photography goes back about 65 years, starting when my father – a serious amateur photographer – introduced me to picture-taking, processing, and printing. I grew up thinking that all fathers had darkrooms in the basement, as did my son and daughter. In virtually every position I held during my career, I found ways to use photography. I still do.”

Black & White Images Inspire Imagination

Photo by Richard Baznik
Old Bennington Cemetery – photo by Richard Baznik

Richard questioned, “Do you think black and white images seem a little dull compared to those in color? They do call upon the imagination more than full-color images do. Or, as my favorite saying about radio goes, ‘It’s like television, but the pictures are better’.”

He added, “Now that I’ve moved totally into digital photography, I’m working more often in color. But I still prefer to listen to the radio.”

Richard Baznik, a Kendal resident since 2010, is vice president emeritus at Case Western Reserve University, where he still serves as university historian. He is a writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer, and participant in nonprofit governance.

The show runs through May 15th and is free and open to the public from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.