Photographer Robert Studzinski Exhibits at Kendal Gallery

On Wednesday, March 18th “Eyewitness on a Path Less Taken” an exhibit of the works of photographer, Robert Studzinski, opened in the Kendal Gallery.  The show runs through May 17, 2015.

Robert Studzinski has spent more than thirty years in the wilds documenting the cultural past, alive in the present. During those same years, he spent time on the mean streets of Columbus, Ohio as a parole officer for juvenile felons.  Robert compares both experiences as ‘anthropologies of a sort.’

Studzinski’s in-the-field portraits put a human face on the struggles of indigenous and endangered peoples.  Robert says, “This is my attempt to give them a voice so their stories can be told, and we can experience a bit of life otherwise unknown to us.”

Exploring Nicaragua in the 1980’s was the beginning of Robert’s journey.  He found people willing to be photographed and a story needing to be told.  His journey has taken him to Guatemala, El Salvador, Laos, Mali, Bolivia, Mexico and the Italian Piedmont.

Robert has accompanied war refugees, and worked on recovery efforts in Haiti and post Katrina Mississippi with juveniles from Ohio who were on probation.  His life is as interesting as his photographs.

All the while his lens has captured life at its most challenging and simplistic moments.  His photographs offer a compelling view of mankind.

Robert’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally.  He has worked alongside National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier in Ethiopia and for ministries of tourism/tourist boards in South Africa, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ecuador.

Robert Studzinski grew up in a blue collar, first generation extended family in Cleveland’s Slavic Village.  He was high school valedictorian and graduated magna cum laude with Phi Beta Kappa key from Ohio University.