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Look here for resources like guides, white papers and infographics. You’ll also find links to newsletters and important publications like Kendal at Oberlin’s Disclosure Statement. We may ask you for your name and email address before some documents can be downloaded. Please be assured that Kendal does not sell or share your personal information with third-party organizations. We hope you will want to learn more about our vibrant life plan community and appreciate your interest in these materials.


Tax Relief for Older Adults

Whether you prefer filing your own taxes, or you choose to work a trusted financial advisor,– it’’s important to be aware of the latest deductions available to older adults in order to take advantage of all the tax breaks.

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Can Holistic Medicine Improve Your Life?

Holistic Turn your next trip into a holistic experience, engaging body, mind and spirit as you travel, explore and interact with the locals.

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Planning Your Next Adventure

Traveling Visit unusual, educational, and exciting travel destinations with the help of Kendal at Oberlin’s free eGuide!

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Do’s and Don’ts of Downsizing

Downsizing Getting ready to move? Make the process of downsizing easier and more rewarding by reading this guide!

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ABCs of Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Lifelong Learning OpportunitiesThis slideshare presentation details some great Lifelong Learning opportunities available to older adults and the benefits it can have.

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Emotional Wellness Guide

Emotional Wellness Learn what you can do to take control of your happiness!

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Straight Talk: Financial Facts For Choosing a Retirement Community

Straight Talk: Financial Facts For Choosing a Retirement Community As you evaluate your retirement options, let us help you choose an organization that demonstrates a strong financial track record.

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Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Get Older

keeping your brain healthyCaring for your brain is just as important to healthy aging as eating well and staying active. Learn proactive steps you can take to keep your brain healthy as you age, as well as other high-interest brain health topics.

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Planning Your Trip to Oberlin, Ohio

what to do kendal at oberlin in winter
Whether you’re coming for a day or staying through the week, there’s plenty to do in and around Oberlin. Below you’ll find itineraries for a one-day trip and a week-long trip, although it’s easy to mix-and-match destinations to create the perfect trip for you.

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10 Best Practices for Staying Healthy After Age of 60

Staying healthy after age of 60Due to all the scientific, technological and medical advances, living a longer life is more common. We may not all live to 100 years old, but there are many actions we can take to live a long, healthy and happy life in body, mind and spirit!

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Heart Health Guide

Taking Care of your heart guideYour heart is your hardest working organ, so it only makes sense to spend time each day taking care of it. Get quick and easy tips, facts and more about the heart!

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Feed Your Body Right

nutritional needs after 50Learn how your nutrient needs change as you age! We help identify nutrients that are key to maintaining your health and explore the foods you should be eating to ensure you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to keep you active and healthy.

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White Papers

5 Ways of Living Life With Purpose

5 Ways of Living Life With Purpose Get this white paper now to see how you can continue to enjoy your vibrant lifestyle and learn 5 Ways of Living Life with Purpose.

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Living the Good Life in a Vibrant Retirement Community

Living the Good Life in a Vibrant Retirement CommunityAre you seeking the good life in retirement? Get this white paper now to see how you can prosper and live the good life at Kendal’s Retirement Living Community. Learn the joys of an active, cultural and educational living experience .

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Top 10 Downsizing Survival Tips

downsizing survival tipsMoving to a retirement community, a smaller, more-manageable home, or just becoming more comfortable in your current home may mean downsizing for some folks. We like to refer to it as “rightsizing.” Either way, we hope you find these tips helpful in preparing for any sort of move.

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Oberlin, a Great Place to Call Home

oberlin a great placeIn real estate the say to find the best home it is location, location, location! When you decide to live in Oberlin, Ohio you have decided to live wisely in a community that offers art, culture, fine dining, and shopping. Whether you live in a comfy cottage at Kendal or in your home, you will love all the intergenerational opportunities.

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Cost Comparison Worksheet

cost comparison worksheetFind out how Kendal at Oberlin compares in cost to your current living situation. Simply download our worksheet to guide you through comparing your monthly costs of living to the resident and care agreement plan that best suits your needs.

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The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

intergenerational relationshipsFind out how you can benefit today’s youth and how they are helping others just like you!

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Why Pets Make Us Healthier & Happier

benefits of petsStudies show that pets have a positive effect on your physical and mental wellness. Learn about these effects and other benefits in our new eBook!

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15 Recommendations for Choosing the Best Retirement Community for You

choosing the best retirement communityEach retirement community is unique and offers a different combination of culture and services. Finding the perfect fit for you or a loved one may seem daunting, so we’ve taken this opportunity to provide you with some food for thought.

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The Kendalight

KORA Logo Check out the most recent issue of The Kendalight, the monthly newsletter of the Kendal at Oberlin Resident Association (KORA). It has everything from the latest news and events to new resident bios!
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The Reed

The Reed A quarterly newsletter from Kendal at Oberlin, The Reed is your go-to source for Kendal at Oberlin announcements, events, meeting the staff and finding out what’s new! Check it out!

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Information About Kendal

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kendal brochure coverRooted in Quaker values, Kendal offers a simple and resident-driven living environment that truly delivers a great place to live life to the fullest. Discover the opportunities waiting for you at Kendal at Oberlin.

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KAO 2019 Disclosure Statement

You need assurance that the community you choose is financially strong to meet your needs for the rest of your life. Download our 2019 Disclosure Statement for complete information about our community.

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Service Option Checklist

service option checklistFind out services Kendal at Oberlin offers to both residents of Kendal and members of the greater community.
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