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Kendal Creates


Published: June 7, 2023 Every two years Kendal spotlights residents who are painters, photographers, fiber artists, woodworkers, ceramicists and the like. The exhibit is called Kendal Creates and fills all three Kendal galleries until Aug. 14. This year the 57 artists include a handful of new

Kendal at Oberlin Supports Art Education


Creating Art Kits For Area Preschool Children Kendal at Oberlin artists have been busy unleashing their creativity on designing art kits for local preschoolers. It’s a pandemic outreach program coordinated by Firelands Association for the Visual Arts in Oberlin (FAVA) and Kendal at Oberlin’s Art

Why Music Matters


are intentional and structured, as in music therapy. Let’s explore both, which by the way, resonate throughout the Kendal community. Music therapy 101 Here’s the definition from the America Music Therapy Association: Music therapy is the clinical & evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish

ABCs of Collecting


the types of things and intensity run the gamut, as illustrated by Kendal Collects, a biennial exhibit in which residents display paintings, pottery, photograph, quilts and more from their “collection.” (More on this later). First, let’s take a look at collecting, whether casual or serious. “Nostalgia

COVID-19 Brings Technology Advances at Kendal


restructure personal and community life because their older adult residents are most at risk of getting seriously ill and dying from COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, Kendal at Oberlin strived for state-of-the-art technology but since COVID, the retirement community has really ramped up its offerings

Tech Savvy Seniors: Kendal's Collaboration with Candoo Tech


to wing it solo. That’s why Kendal at Oberlin decided to partner with Candoo Tech, a company that provides tech support and training specifically designed for older adults.  “We’re very excited to pilot Candoo here in Oberlin! It represents a significant solution offering residents timely technical

Voice Assistants Connect Older Adults


Published: January 29, 2021 After Judy Riggle’s stroke in 2018, she moved from her cottage to the Stephens Care Center at Kendal at Oberlin. Her husband Tom and cocker spaniel Susie visited daily, sometimes more than once. But when the pandemic forced Kendal to close the care center to visitors

New Year New Exercise


physical – and fun – activity that often falls by the wayside as we age is dancing. But dancing shouldn’t be pushed aside because it offers lots of benefits for older adults, Kendal Wellness Coordinator Jill Tvaroha told Kendall residents during a recent Zoom gathering. And dancing is for everyone

Healthy Aging: The Friendship Factor


.” Kendal Residents Share their Friendship Stories “Under the best of circumstances, moving to a new place is challenging, but the pandemic added another layer of difficulty,” says Lillie Long, who moved to Kendal with her husband (and best friend) Nick last spring. Despite the restrictions on group