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Take a Hike - Discover Hiking in Northeast Ohio with Kendal at Oberlin


, studies have found that simply spending 10 to 20 minutes a day outdoors can lead to increased well-being and happiness — and decreased amounts of stress.” Reaping the benefits of nature at Kendal at Oberlin Kendal resident Kathy Caldwell’s early morning nature walks with her dog Heidi attest

Holiday Lights – Near & Not so Far


taking a tour of holiday light displays, near and not so far. The lights are on… Like many families, many Kendal residents like to do their own thing when it comes to taking in the holiday lights. This week residents will climb aboard the Kendal bus and head to some of their favorite decorated homes

Hiking for Your Health and Happiness


a century of hiking The Cleveland Hiking Club began in 1919 and today has more than 1,200 members and year-round offers dozens of hikes DAILY of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. The hikes are also open to non-members. When CHC member Richard Hazelton moved to Kendal in 2019 from nearby Shaker

Entertaining 101


Chicken. We love to cook and often get inspiration from celebrity chef’s Instagram pages, like Ina Garten. We are usually inspired to host people after seeing a chef post a recipe on their social media accounts like an Apple Cider old fashioned or a Cauliflower gratin.“  Kendal residents have found

Gardening: Good for Body and Soul


to smaller homes, including life plan communities. Kendal’s Community Garden The community garden, currently comprised of 34 plots, has been part of Kendal since its first summer in 1994. While many residents cultivate smaller gardens around their cottages, the community garden gives other residents

Travel Trends


in transit,” Conde Nast writes.  By the way, reducing air travel is “the single most effective way to address climate change” according to Kendal resident Ted Wolner, who wears many environmental hats. If an airplane is you’re only travel option, as it was for Ted when he went to Spain in 2015, you

One Potty-stop Car Trips


about “One Potty-stop Trips?’’ Before heading out, pack accordingly for your “Responsible RestartOhio” outing. Along with face mask, hand sanitizer and wipes, a small roll of toilet paper might come in handy. (You just never know). Pack a light cooler (go easy on the liquids), maybe a blanket

Nearby Winter Getaways


attractions. A must-see is Kent State University’s May 4 Visitors Center, which depicts the tragic events of May 4, 1970 with a walking tour, exhibits, archives and a film.   Plan Well to Live Well Your first step to joining the Kendal at Oberlin senior living community is to become a member of our

Getting Started with Composting


leaders to offer such a service. (For ideas of what communities are doing across the country check out the EPA’s Success Stories.) Another possible option is to find a nearby drop-off site for your compostable materials. At Kendal, the Grounds crew composts yard waste, plus residents leave food