Kendal at Oberlin Resident Walks to Celebrate 80th Birthday

Kendal resident Jim Walsh walks regularly for exercise around and near the KaO campus, but he’s planning to “step it up” a notch as he approaches his 80th birthday.

Jim will walk 10 miles per day for 8 days – a total of 80 miles – just prior to his 80th birthday on September 25th. You can read more about his plans in this local news article in the Chronicle Telegram.

older man with face mask
Kendal at Oberlin resident, Jim Walsh

He does not want any birthday presents. But if friends want to celebrate with him, they can make a donation to Oberlin Community Services, or to any of the three funds that support Kendal at Oberlin staff members. OCS helps Oberlin community residents with food, housing and more. The Kendal staff funds help workers with vacations, emergencies and education. You can make a donation to the Kendal funds online – click on Donate Now, and choose the fund you wish to support under Giving Options.

older man walking in a park

Jim will be walking around the edges of the Kendal at Oberlin campus and the nearby New Russia Township park. With COVID-19, he’s staying close to home. According the Jim, walking isn’t the hardest part of his training effort. The challenge is “avoiding the temptation to stop and talk to others instead of social distancing.”

Thank you Jim! We’re cheering you on as you walk those 80 miles!