Kendal at Oberlin Residents Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Kendal resident gets COVID-19 vaccineToday, Kendal at Oberlin welcomed pharmacists from Walgreens to the campus. And it was a very warm welcome for sure! They arrived with the first round of vaccines for Kendal residents and staff. As a community that includes some of the most vulnerable older adults, residents have been sheltering-in-place since March. No wonder there is so much enthusiasm!

The first resident to receive round one of the Pfizer vaccine was Priscilla Steinberg. Round two will be administered on January 20. 

Kudos to Kendal at Oberlin Health Services team. With relatively short notice, they organized procedure and appointments for residents wanting the vaccine. Forms were sent in advance, clinic staff took care of screening while residents waited in a safely-distanced line and insurance staff was on hand to answer questions about the forms. Then, once inside the Auditorium, the registration and administration of the vaccine went like clockwork. Staff and Walgreens’ pharmacists worked together to get the work completed quickly.

Kendal physician receives COVID-19 vaccine

Medical Director and Kendal physician, Georgia Newman, MD, also received her first dose of the vaccine today. According to Newman, you are “just as likely to have a reaction to this shot, as you are to the flu shot. That’s less likely than being hit by lightning.”

That said, with an abundance of caution, vaccine recipients were asked to have a seat in the dining room for 15 minutes after the shot, just to be sure no one had one of those rare reactions. While waiting, residents were asked to write down the reasons they wanted to get the vaccine. Here are some of the responses:

  • “I want to be healthy.”
  • “I love my neighbors and family.”
  • “I believe in vaccines.”
  • “I don’t want to get COVID-19. Who would?”
  • “I feel safer now.”
  • “We need to stop this virus.”
  • “I want to play tennis without a mask.”
  • “The virus can’t win.”

And lastly, from Georgia Newman, “It is the single most important thing I can do for Kendal, my community, the country and the world.”

It’s a happy day!