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On the Road with Road Scholar


Published: October 27, 2021 During Maggie Stark’s 27-year tenure working at Kendal at Oberlin she heard countless residents rave about their travel experiences with Elderhostel, now called Road Scholar.  “When you retire you have to sign up for a trip,” they often told Maggie. So when she retired

How to Practice Gratitude


,” writes Dr. Michael Fishman. Even smiles of appreciation are hard to convey from behind a face mask. But there’s still lots we can do. Sending cards and letters is safe (or e-cards and emails). Along with telling loved ones how much we appreciate them, send a thank-you card to the local health or police

Community Update for week of 11/21/2022


Responses to We Care Connect with 8 months in. As mentioned last week we will welcome a farewell visit by Rep. Joe Miller, District 56 to express his appreciation to his Kendal constituents and a chance for us to thank him for his service to District 56. With the redrawing of districts, he

Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community for You?


long-term expenses, regardless of healthcare needs in the future. CCRCs have entry fees and monthly fees, which can also vary greatly, depending on geographic location, housing options and amenities. The community Jane Gross visited, Kendal at Hanover in New Hampshire, is an affiliate

Community Updates for week of 8/8/2022


Update to Residents 8/9/2022 Coffee Hour Coffee Hour will be on Wednesday, August 10, at 9:30 AM in the Fox & Fell. As of press time, we plan to be in person but will also offer the opportunity to join via KOTV and Zoom: https://kendal-org.zoom.us/j/87479090692. (That’s Meeting ID 874 7909 0692

Laughter: A New Prescription for Good Health


and YouTube videos. The program is guided by four elements: clapping, breathing exercises, childlike playfulness and laughing exercises. Laughter guru Dr. Madan Kataria says all can benefit from Laugher Yoga, especially older adults, college students, and people with cancer and depression. Kendal at Oberlin’s

Kendal at Oberlin: Defying Attitudes about Aging


and focused is hardly new. Ageism – the One “Ism” We Could All Face It isn’t just millennials who, at times, express negative attitudes about aging. All ages contribute to “ageism,” a prejudice or bias against people because they are older. Older adults are also guilty, with the “I’m too old

Discovering Poetry - National Poetry Month with Kendal at Oberlin


. “Understanding a good poem is hard — all the more reason to memorize it. Ask students to write a paper on Wordsworth, and once they turn it in, they consign the text to oblivion. But if they memorize his lament, years from now — perhaps while they are cleaning up their child’s chocolate-smeared face

Does Hollywood See Us Through An Ageist Lens?


, a term coined by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Butler in 1975 to refer to discrimination against older adults. ________________________________________ Discover how the Kendal at Oberlin Resident Association encourages residents’ active lifestyles. ________________________________________ “Much like