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Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community for You?


long-term expenses, regardless of healthcare needs in the future. CCRCs have entry fees and monthly fees, which can also vary greatly, depending on geographic location, housing options and amenities. The community Jane Gross visited, Kendal at Hanover in New Hampshire, is an affiliate

Community Updates for week of 8/8/2022


Update to Residents 8/9/2022 Coffee Hour Coffee Hour will be on Wednesday, August 10, at 9:30 AM in the Fox & Fell. As of press time, we plan to be in person but will also offer the opportunity to join via KOTV and Zoom: https://kendal-org.zoom.us/j/87479090692. (That’s Meeting ID 874 7909 0692

Laughter: A New Prescription for Good Health


and YouTube videos. The program is guided by four elements: clapping, breathing exercises, childlike playfulness and laughing exercises. Laughter guru Dr. Madan Kataria says all can benefit from Laugher Yoga, especially older adults, college students, and people with cancer and depression. Kendal at Oberlin’s

National Poetry Month


is hard — all the more reason to memorize it. Ask students to write a paper on Wordsworth, and once they turn it in, they consign the text to oblivion. But if they memorize his lament, years from now — perhaps while they are cleaning up their child’s chocolate-smeared face after birthday cake

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor about a CCRC


and monthly fees only tell a small part of the story in joining a CCRC, also known as a life plan community. You want to know what services are included with the fees and what tax benefits might be available. Compare your current cost of living to that of enjoying the active lifestyle at Kendal

Body, Mind & Spirit! Fitness at Kendal at Oberlin


at Kendal at Oberlin.   “I wanted to get started on a balance program so we went through all the equipment. Now I have a workout plan that takes me 20 to 45 minutes,” says Ann, who bikes, walks her dog at least a mile daily and participates in strength building and Tai Chi classes. “I think exercise

Does Hollywood See Us Through An Ageist Lens?


, a term coined by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Butler in 1975 to refer to discrimination against older adults. ________________________________________ Discover how the Kendal at Oberlin Resident Association encourages residents’ active lifestyles. ________________________________________ “Much like

Holistic Approach to Living


sharp and focused. Many older adults head back to the classroom just for the fun of gaining new knowledge and good news – it’s often free or of nominal cost. For instance, Kendal at Oberlin residents can sit in on a course at Oberlin College at no cost with permission of the professor or instructor

Community Update for week of 5/29/2023


the sign at Maple Street with weeding and annuals, please contact Ryan and Facility Services. The City of Oberlin would love to see some Kendal volunteers come out for future “Keep Oberlin Beautiful Days” as in past years. Buckeye Community Bank personnel changes There will be some new faces working